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Collectible Marvel action figures such as Iron Man or DC characters are part of the Hot Toys line of toys and figures. These figures are highly detailed and articulated, often produced in close likenesses to the characters or actors upon which they are based. Whether you're into Marvel figures or Star Wars action figures from the new trilogy of films, there are several Hot Toys lines to select from.

What are some features of Hot Toys collectibles?

The action figures you can buy now fulfill several roles that appeal to the collector, casual enthusiast, or anyone who may want an authentic Marvel, Star Wars, or DC Hot Toy for their imaginative adventures.

  • If you are a collector yourself, you'll find that these action figures are made to exacting standards. Companies craft each one to a specific scale size and from that model create a colorful, detailed representation of the figure. Oftentimes, they will reproduce the likeness of the actor if their portrayal has been on the big screen before.
  • While these items are certainly collectible, they also have vibrant colors, several points of articulation, and a host of accessories included with them.
  • Some of these Hot Toys are sold specifically as figures to collect. These toys may not move and are instead designed to be displayed as part of a collection in pristine order and stunning detail. Many of these figures are sold as is with their original packaging for the discerning collector.
What Hot Toys and figures are available?

With so many choices and properties dominating the Hot Toy market, it can be difficult to know which ones you can purchase. While there are certainly staples such as Batman, Iron Man, and a variety of Star Wars toys available, there are more obscure yet equally interesting pieces out there too.

  • Other Marvel properties aside from Iron Man include figures such as Ant-Man, Spider-Man, the Black Widow, Thor, and Ultron.
  • From DC, you can purchase several toys in the Batman line including various iterations of the iconic character and several villains from his rogues' gallery or allies. These figures include characters from recent DC films such as Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Bane, Superman, or Cyborg.
  • Thanks to the new set of Star Wars films, several items from this lineup are available to play with or as collectibles too, including Princess Leia, Han Solo, Rey, and Kylo Ren.
  • All of these Hot Toys are exquisitely detailed and include their own accessories.
How should you maintain collectible Hot Toys?

If you're purchasing these figures for display or a collection, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.

  • Don't expose your Hot Toys to too much direct sunlight.
  • Heat and high humidity can warp your figures or cause the paint to chip.
  • Keep your toys clean, as dirt and dust can cause a layer of grime to form on them.
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