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Ford Fusion Hoods

Fords have numerous parts that are often ignored, but are essential to the daily function of the vehicle. One of these is a functional, properly attached hood. Replacing this critical component when necessary ensures that a Ford Fusion owner drives safely and can effortlessly get to the engine to perform needed repairs.

What are the benefits of a new Ford Fusion hood?

A new Ford Fusion hood can be beneficial for both driving and appearance. This component of the car is more susceptible to wear and tear than almost any other exterior part. This wear results from the component being at the front of the vehicle and having a large amount of surface area exposed. A Fusion replacement hood is often clean and bright, adding aesthetic value to models.

In addition, Fords with new replacement hoods typically open easier and faster than Fusion vehicles with older ones. The arm that holds up older parts might be weakened and can break, causing the heavy piece of steel to crash down and possibly injure a person or damage the Ford engine or transmission. New components also reduce the chance of the steel sheet flying up in the process of driving, a situation that eliminates driver visibility.

What is the Fusion hood made out of?

Ford Fusion hoods are often made out of steel that is molded from a blank and shaped into different panels. One section, the cowl vent, is formed with notches that allow air to enter the vehicle. Some versions for sport, hybrid, and sedan models are made out of aluminum, which is a lighter metal substitute for steel. Other materials available include carbon fiber and fiberglass.

How do you replace a Fusion hood?

Replacing a hood on a Fusion sedan is a relatively simple process. This Ford component attaches to the vehicle with a series of hinges. First, you have to release the latch in the interior of the vehicle. Then, remove the windshield washer tubing, emblem, and insulator. Finally, remove the hinges one side at a time and take the hood off the vehicle.

After the hood is removed, a new component has to be affixed. Some hoods fit on numerous models while others are made specifically for Ford Fusions. Piecemeal replacements for smaller panels are also available. For example, there are cowl vent panels that can be used for hybrid and platinum sedan models if only the cowl vent needs to be replaced. These components can be painted numerous colors with several finishes, such as a matte or a brighter finish, to match the rest of your car.