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Chevrolet Caprice Hoods

Chevrolet Caprice hoods play an important role when it comes to protecting your engine and other essential vehicle parts. However, hoods are also regularly exposed to harsh weather and road debris, which could result in damage. When looking for a replacement hood for your Chevy, there are several considerations that you should make.

What materials are car hoods made of?

Vehicle hoods are generally made from four types of materials. These materials are:

  • Steel: The majority of vehicle hoods for the Chevrolet Caprice and other car models are made from this heavy and durable material.
  • Aluminum: Like steel, aluminum is a durable material. However, it is also lightweight, and so there is no unnecessary weight holding your Chevrolet back.
  • Carbon fiber: This material makes strong and durable hoods. Since it is lighter in weight than aluminum, some of the stress that the hood puts on your Chevy's engine is not there, giving vehicles with carbon-fiber hoods improved performance.
  • Fiberglass: Replacement hoods made from fiberglass are able to be customized. Like aluminum and carbon fiber, fiberglass hoods are light in weight.
What components make up a car hood?

Replacement hoods for the Chevrolet Caprice sedan have a number of components that make them safe to use. The car-hood system generally includes:

  • Inner panel: This is one of two panels that insulate the engine compartment of your Caprice. It is designed to reduce the amount of noise you may hear when driving.
  • Outer panel: This second Caprice hood panel is what you see when you look at your Chevrolet sedan from the outside. It acts as a hood cover or skin.
  • Hinges: Most replacement Chevrolet Caprice hoods have two hinges that allow you to lift the hood up. These components allow you to access the Caprice's engine compartment.
  • Latch: This device is often a locking-arm that secures the hood and keeps it from opening up while you are driving. This latch must be pressed before the driver can lift the hood up.
  • Release handle: This mechanism is what actually allows the latch on the Caprice replacement hood to be released. It is usually located inside the sedan.
What types of car hoods are available?

There are five types of hoods that could work for a Caprice:

  • Flat: These hoods for the Chevrolet Caprice are flat pieces that do not provide any special features beyond engine and transmission protection.
  • Louvered: These have thin, vertical openings on the sides for ventilation.
  • Air extractor: They are similar to louvered hoods with the exception that the openings are a bit wider.
  • Ram air: These hoods have a minimum of one air-intake opening, which helps to bring pressurized air into the Chevrolet's engine compartment.
  • Cowl induction: The air-intake openings on these hoods face the windshield.