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Honda Gas Generator

Gasoline-powered portable generators from Honda are a type of backup generator. The key to preparedness is figuring out ahead of time exactly which appliances are going to be kept running during an emergency. In order to handle a generator properly, it is important to educate yourself on proper use.

How do you know what size Honda generator to get?

What size portable generator from Honda is needed depends on what you intend to run. To run your whole house requires a significantly larger portable generator than running a refrigerator and a few fans.

  • Honda generators are rated by their wattage.
  • To know what size is needed, check the electrical information plate attached to the appliance.
  • If watts are not listed, but amperes are, multiply amps times volts.
  • Remember when doing your calculations to add a sizable room for error. Make sure you have more electricity than you think you need.
What should you consider when choosing a gas-powered Honda generator?
  • Size and weight: Determine how quickly and easily your Honda generator can be moved into position in an emergency.
  • Power: The amount of power your Honda unit can generate determines the number of appliances it can run safely.
  • Tank size: Tank size determines how long it can run between refills.
  • Start method: An electric start could be faster to engage if there happened to be an emergency.
How are rated watts and startup surge watts different?

Startup surge wattage is the peak current a portable generator from Honda can produce when first started. Rated wattage is the current continuously produced during operation.

Why is a wheel kit important?

For larger, heavier generators, a wheel kit is intended to provide ease of movement. This could make the generator easier to wheel into position during an emergency.

What is a transfer switch and why is it important?

A switch is not necessary for a small, low-powered generator from Honda that runs an appliance through an extension cord. A transfer switch is intended to allow a larger, more powerful Honda portable generator to be safely connected to the circuit breaker box while protecting the generator, the appliances, and the power grid.

Why is the gasoline-powered Honda generator placement important?

To avoid carbon monoxide fumes, a gasoline-powered Honda generator should be placed outside and away from windows or doors. A drape or small tent could be used to protect the Honda from rain so long as the generator air intake and exhaust are not obstructed.

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