Home Security Safes

Home security safes keep your jewelry, cash and other valuables secure at all times. Owning one will help keep those items that are hard to replace safe from theft, should burglars target your home. For peace of mind and added protection, invest in a home security safe for all your important items.

Models and Brands

There are some heavyweight home security safe brands to choose from. Yale Locks small safes and their electronic home safes will provide you with peace of mind and full protection for your security. First Alert offers a range of high quality waterproof and fire resistant home security safes, or check out both Master Lock and Sentry safes which provide various versatile safes.

What to Consider When Buying a Home Security Safe

Ideally, most people want to protect their items from fire, water and theft. Your priorities will determine the type of protection most appropriate to your needs. Some safes provide a traditional style of lock, while others are electronic or digital and others provide more than one type of lock for additional security.

Also, think about the size of home security safe you need and its purpose: the more documents and valuables you wish to store safely, the larger the safe you will need. Some people choose a portable safe, enabling their valuables to be easily moved around.

Types of Home Security Safes

There are various types of home security safes to choose from and you should consider a fire resistant safe to protect your valuables from extreme temperatures. These generally can guarantee protection for several hours, though you should check how watertight your safe is as well. Wall safes can be installed within a wall, and can, therefore, be covered by furniture or pictures to hide it from view. Similarly, floor safes can be sunk into the floor.