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Executive Desks

From extra drawer storage to ample surface area, an executive desk is designed for any home office or business. These desks are often complemented by other executive office suite furniture and decor, imparting an overall professional look. The appropriate desk will likely engender a sense of respect to anyone entering the room.

What materials are used to make an executive desk?

  • Mahogany: The executive desk made from mahogany will be less likely to warp, swell, shrink, or twist due to moisture. A modern finish is a natural finishing touch for this type of desk.
  • Solid wood: A desk made from solid wood is durable enough to last for decades when treated with care. This type of desk is recyclable, reducing its ecological impact.
  • Glass: If a desk with a modern feel is what you're seeking, consider an executive desk made with glass. The design will make the room appear larger while providing a look in line with modern trends.
  • Cherry: An executive desk made from cherry wood will have a natural rich red and brown color. This wood provides you with a multitude of design options.

What styles are commonly seen in an executive desk?

  • Rustic: Made from recycled, aged wood, a rustic design is extremely durable. You can easily remove scratches and dents with recycled wood, allowing the desk to stay in good shape for years.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary executive desk designs improve the aesthetic look of an office. They also offer comfort because of the improved ergonomics.
  • Transitional: An executive desk with a transitional look will have contemporary features alongside a traditional look. The home office will appear traditional enough to command respect, while having the ability to update designs when needed.

What features are available for an executive desk?

  • Sliding keyboard drawer: The keyboard drawer can help make the desk appear clean, providing a professional look.
  • Over-sized desk drawers: Larger drawers provide ample storage for important documents, keeping them safe and in one location. Your office will look more professional with fewer loose papers.
  • Shelves: Shelves afford you additional space on your desk, providing your desktop with extra surface area. They also provide a neater, more professional look to your office suite. A shelf for your computer will help keep it off the floor, reducing wear and tear of the machine.

What colors are executive desks available in?

Your office desk can be offered in a multitude of colors, from a dark wood appearance to light brown, red, or black. Depending on the material, the desk can be painted to match the style of your other office furniture.

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