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Home Faucets

Home faucets are appliances that you find yourself using daily. When taking a shower, you use the bathroom faucets, and when preparing a meal or washing dirty utensils, you use the kitchen faucet. In this regard, it is important that you get quality faucets for your home.

How high should you install pot filler wall-mounted kitchen faucets?

Generally, the fitting hole is always made 15 inches above the kitchen countertop. After drilling this hole, the directions change according to your personal needs. Take into consideration factors such as the height of the largest pot you have at home and the shortest person who can fill it with water. It is important to take note that the connection hole of a pot filler spout will be higher than the hole drilled initially.

What should you look for when buying a home faucet?

  • Quality: Kitchen and bathroom faucets can be notorious for water leaks, and this is mainly due to their washers and springs. Ensure that the spouts are built using quality materials. Some models use a washerless cartridge style that can be beneficial too.
  • Feel of the handle: This is an important consideration. Home faucets are devices that you will have to use daily, and it is necessary to have a satisfying response when you flip or twist the handle. A kitchen faucet that doesn't feel right will feel like it doesn't work right and this lasting feeling will probably irk you every day. Select a handle that you can easily grasp and one that will feel comfortable to turn.
  • Finish: When choosing a kitchen faucet, see to it that it matches your home décor and is also durable. Select a high-quality finish that will not fade or stain over time, like chrome or stainless steel.
  • Pressure-balancing: Inevitably you will have someone else flushing the toilet while you’re showering or using the dishwasher. Getting a pressure-balancing faucet will save you a lot of trouble, because it equates the pressure in the house, eliminating extreme temperatures while you use your faucet.
  • Installation: Get a product that is easy to fit. Select a bathroom faucet that is relatively easy to put in, for example, so you're not demolishing your walls in the process.
What tools do you need to install a home faucet?

Fitting or replacing your kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet should be easy using these readily available tools:

  • Flashlight
  • Phillips and regular screwdrivers
  • Pliers and a thread seal tape.

Other tools that are quite handy but not a necessity in every spout installation include the plumber's putty and the Allan wrench. With these tools, you can also connect your dishwasher to any kitchen faucet as long as it's not a pull-out or a pull-down design.

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