Protect or Personalize Your Electrical Outlets Using Plates and Covers

Outlet covers or electric switch covers can be efficient accessories to make your home a bit safer, and they can add a touch of your personal style. You can check out eBay listings to find a wide selection of reasonably priced switch plate covers for sale in various designs and configurations. Getting to know a bit about the main kinds of plates you can get will help you select the right models for your needs.

Choosing a type of electric switch cover

You can search eBay for switch plate covers that come in various configurations that may work for your house or apartment. It is possible that you will need to purchase several kinds of new or preowned outlet covers in order to fit the different kinds of wall sockets you may have in your home. You can get both regular and oversized light switch covers for your needs. All sizes are listed in U.S. dimensions for your convenience. Check the manufacturer site for details. Here are just a few of the types of outlet covers you'll find:

  • Single - This electrical switch plate cover is designed to go over a single lever that activates a group of lights in your home.
  • Dual-purpose - If you need to get a light switch plate cover and a wall socket blocker in the same set, you can find models that have openings for the switches and outlets next to each other.
How do you select materials for your outlet covers?

Both regular and oversized outlet covers for sale on eBay come in various materials to suit your tastes or needs. Here is a sampling of some of the main components used in these affordable electrical switch covers:

  • Steel - For an understated yet sleek look, you can get a switch plate or outlet cover in burnished stainless steel.
  • Wood - If you have wooden walls in your home and you want your accents to match them well, you can go for electrical outlet covers made from the same type of wood. Some of these covers or plates may have intricate carvings as part of their design.
  • Plastic - Plastic provides you with a lightweight and sturdy cover for your outlets, and these covers offer many colorful designs or patterns to choose from.
Finding designs for outlet covers

Although you can get plain light switch covers in solid colors or patterns, you can also take a look at eBay to find models that include designs that might speak to your personal style. You can have your pick of outlet covers that include characters from pop culture, nautical themes, animals, nature scenes, or special holiday designs.

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