Home Depot Coupons

Home Depot is a home improvement retailer that offers a variety of different products and services. With the brand’s coupons, you can receive a price reduction on a variety of products.

What can Home Depot coupons be used for?

The coupons at Home Depot can be used on a variety of different items. Often, though, the coupons are specific to a certain department within the store. The coupons available will typically depend on company sales and what's going on at the store throughout the year. Some of the specialized departments available at Home Depot include:

  • General items: The retailer sells everything from ceiling fans to tools to patio furniture.
  • Equipment rental: Many stores rent different types of construction equipment for your next project.
  • Appliances: A variety of appliances are sold in the stores, including refrigerators and ranges.
  • Landscaping: Mulch, plants, and other gardening items are available in the landscaping department.
  • Lumber: The store offers a wide array of lumber products, including plywood and decorative woods.

Can a coupon be used online at Home Depot?

In many instances, coupons can be used online at Home Depot. The coupon recipient would enter the coupon code during the checkout process. On paper coupons, there may be a code that is entered into the website. Otherwise, a Home Depot promo code can be emailed to you or sent to your mobile device.

What are promo codes and gift cards?

A gift card has a value on it, and it is used in lieu of cash during the checkout process. A promo code is used to receive a price reduction off the total bill before a payment is applied. While a gift card has a definitive value and is a form of store-only currency, a coupon is a price reduction provided by the retailer.

How can you use Home Depot coupons?

There are all sorts of ways to use coupons at Home Depot. Whether you are interested in a special buy, wall decor, or something else, it's important to look at what is available. Knowing more about the company's offerings will make it easier for you to save money. Some guidelines to keep in mind include:

  • Inclusions: Find out if there are specific departments for which the deal can be used.
  • Exclusions: Read through the list of exclusions to find out if specific brands or clearance items cannot be discounted with a coupon.
  • Expiration date: Find out when a coupon expires, so you do not miss out on a deal.
  • Total value: Determine what the total value of the coupon at Home Depot is, so you know how much you can save, including the potential for free shipping.

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