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Elevate Your Space With a Speaker Wall Mount

External speakers provide a unique audio experience, and they require secure storage. External speakers need to be placed in a location that can keep them away from spills and other threats, such as speaker wall mounts. eBay offers a wide variety of home audio speaker wall mounts that are compatible with different types of speakers.

How do you choose the right speaker wall mount?
  • Features: Identify what type of speaker you have in your home and consider its features. For example, smart speakers typically need to be charged daily or constantly plugged in, which is why there are speaker wall mounts available that attach directly to a plug outlet.
  • Size and weight: Determine the size and weight of your speakers to ensure you select a speaker wall mount that will be able to hold your speakers. Most speaker wall mounts have a load capacity amount so that you can determine if your speakers are under the limit.
  • Location: Decide where you would like your speakers to reside in your home, as some speaker wall mounts swivel and tilt while others are stationary.
What types of speaker wall mounts are there?
  • Shelves: Speaker wall mount shelves are stationary and lay flat against the wall. They can be placed low to the ground as well as closer to the ceiling.
  • Swivel: Speaker wall mounts that swivel can adjust side to side so that you can turn your speakers to face a different direction in your home.
  • Tilt: Speaker wall mounts that tilt can be tilted up or down so that you can angle your speakers to face the ceiling or the ground.
  • Full-Motion: Full-motion wall mounts can tilt and swivel so that you can adjust your speakers more specifically in a direction such as to the left and tilted at 10 degrees downward.
  • Smart Speaker Mounts: Smart speaker mounts are designed for specific smart devices so that they are conveniently placed while remaining accessible. Some wall mounts for smart speakers plug straight into an outlet so that you can take it anywhere there is an outlet.
Why should you buy used speaker wall mounts?

Buying used speaker wall mounts allows you to save money while purchasing a necessary item. Speakers can be pretty pricey depending on the brand and type of speaker, so by purchasing a used speaker wall mount you can spend more on the speaker while getting a wall mount at a good price.

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