Hockey Tickets

See Your Favorite NHL Teams With Hockey Tickets

Every hockey season, teams will play over 80 regular games, and a fortunate few will make it to the playoffs. Ticket seating area locations vary, ranging from lower level seats near the ice to upper-level seats that still provide an excellent view of the action. No matter what matchup your hockey tickets are for or the size of your group, youll enjoy both the experience, food and drink options, and any extras that come with the hockey tickets.

Are most hockey tickets for night games?

One of the most helpful things about buying tickets for a hockey game is being able to buy them for different times that are convenient for you, both afternoon and night. Although the nationally televised games that are in highest demand are usually night games, youre likely to find hockey tickets for games with 11:30 am, 12:30 pm, and 4:00 pm start times. You can look for tickets available on eBay that offer a time that suits the needs of your group, and then you will have them well in advance of the game.

Cities that host hockey venues

Most of the cities with hockey venues are also major tourist attractions, with a lot of fun things to do and activities to suit different preferences. These hockey venues are also usually very accessible for guests arriving using public transit options, many with stops at the venue. You will often find several options for dining and great drinks nearby if you should decide to make the event a night out. A few of the cities that host hockey games may include:

  • Las Vegas
  • Chicago
  • Philadelphia
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Boston
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
Where are most of the top seats?

Each hockey arena has a slightly different seating configuration, and there are numerous options available for seating preferences. However, there are a few general locations in hockey arenas that include seats in relatively high demand. One place that hockey fans are likely to find seats in because of the demand is the area behind the home teams bench. Seats that are on aisles are also sought after because of the easy access to leave for concession and bathrooms. Seats that offer a great view of the face-off areas are also a winning choice.

Are buying hockey tickets for groups available?

Hockey tickets with seats for your group are available, so everyone enjoys the fun of the experience together. Youll also be pleased to know that tickets sold for a larger group are usually available to meet your partys needs. Most ticket listings provide the seat locations so you can figure out which seat everyone wants in advance, and make your selections based on the best views. The larger your group, the earlier you should try to get your tickets to ensure you get to all sit together.

What about premium tickets?

Hockey tickets are often available for premium/VIP seating. Taking advantage of these premium options comes with several advantages, including:

  • Premium seating options like Center Ice, VIP Glass seats in the first two rows, or suite-level seats.
  • Club Access with exclusive lounges
  • VIP parking locations
  • All-inclusive food and beverage options