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Everything You Need to Know About Finding Hobo Coins for Sale Online

A hobo nickel is a coin that has had a piece of art carved into it. While many types of coins were used to create these pieces of art, nickels were especially favored for use because of their size, thickness, and moderate softness. There are many preowned Hobo nickels for sale on eBay that include amazing mini pieces of art.

The Peak of Hobo coin art.

Hobo coins art got its name because it was predominately used by hobos due to its low cost. It began in the 18th century and was used in countries around the worlds. There was a surge of hobo coin artists beginning in 1913 when the buffalo head nickel was released. The unique Indian head and the coin's large profile offer itself well to this type of artwork. While hobo coin artists still exist, it is not on the level it was between 1913 and 1930 when buffalo head nickels were in high circulation.

Are there any present-day Hobo coin artists?

Russian artist, Roman Booteen, is a present-day Hobo coin artist. Roman Booteen coins are known for its ornate carving and often include mechanisms that allow Booteen's carvings to move. Booteen likes to use several different coins at the same time to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Finding Roman Booteen coins for sale is a rarity as they are highly sought-after art pieces. Booteen often bases his artwork on well-known literary works, such as works by Edgar Allen Poe and even does artwork inspired by other artists such as Banksy.

What Hobo coin designs are there?

Hobo nickels have many different designs since many different artists conceptualize work with them. Still, Hobo coins tend to have some similar themes, especially when you look at ones of similar ages. Some common themes include:

  • Religion: Lucifer, angels, and purgatory are some common design elements included on hobo coins.
  • Fantasy: There are many preowned Hobo coins that include mermaids, fauns, and the loch ness monster.
  • Skulls/skeletons: A very common theme is skulls and skeletons. Some look like pirates, while some are just the face on the coin carved into a skull and otherwise left alone.
  • Animals: Animals are another common theme found on Hobo coins. Tigers, dogs, and koi fish are animal options that are often used.
  • Trains: Perhaps appropriately carved, Hobo coins include a lot of train carvings, reflecting the mode of transportation hobos once often used.
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