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Everything You Need to Know About Hobie Kayaks

Whether you are looking for a traditional style Hobie kayak, a sea kayak, or a Hobie pedal boat, the maker of the original Hobie pedal kayak offers a wide variety of recreational Hobie kayaks and foot pedal kayaks for sale. Find a kayak model that suits your outdoor adventure pursuits on eBay.

Features of Hobie kayaks

The various features are different from model to model, but these crafts will include some of the following features.

  • Tough construction - Kayaks feature a poly-molded hard body for durability.
  • Mesh seats - Seat designs offer mesh comfort for long hours out on the water.
  • MirageDrive - The pedal boats come with the MirageDrive pedal system, which offers a virtual hands-free kayak experience.
  • Rigged for fishing - Plan your next fishing trip with features such as molded-in fishing rod holders, multiple gear compartments, and generous standing decks.
Are there new and used models available?

Many listings on eBay offer both new and used kayaks at affordable prices for your outdoor water adventures.

  • Hobie Mirage - This model includes features such as extra-wide standing decks for stability and safe casting. The Vantage CTW seat is wide and comfortable with durable mesh design. Other fishing features include molded-in fishing rod holders and a transducer cavity where you can install a fish finder system. The Mirage line of Hobie pedal kayaks has several models to choose from, including the Pro Fisherman, Mirage Revolution, and Mirage Compass.
  • Hobie Kayak Tandem - The Hobie Mirage Tandem Island and Mirage Compass Duo offer dual seating for your adventures. Equipped with two MirageDrive systems, these models offer twice the power for you and your partners. Streamlined hulls and a kick-up rudder system provide ease of maneuverability.
  • Hobie paddle - If you are more into traditional kayaking, Hobie offers paddle kayaks with many of the same features as the pedal boats. Durable hard-body designs and comfortable mesh seating are standard on many models.
  • Hobie used kayaks - Along with newer models, there are many dealers that offer selections of used Hobie kayaks for sale.
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