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Hobie Kayak, Canoe & Raft Accessories

Hobie Kayak, Canoe, & Raft Accessories

Hobie makes a range of watercraft for fishing and water sports, including kayaks, canoes, and rafts. The company has a selection of accessories that you can get to suit your various kayaking or canoeing equipment. You can modify your Hobie Mirage with turbo fins intended to improved performance or get a tackle container for your Hobie Pro Angler to provide more storage.

Which clip-on deck accessories can you find for your kayak?

The variety of add-ons that are available when looking to improve the functionality of your MirageDrive or Revolution 13 can make it difficult to pick the right ones. The way you accessorize your Hobie Angler 14 kayak will depend on what you want it to do. Parts that can be clipped on the deck are some of the Hobie add-ons you can get for your Angler 12, and these include:

  • Cargo net: A cargo net can be useful when needing to tie your dry bag, fishing gear, and other items to help them from ending up in the water. You can use the deck rigging or suction cups to attach the net to the kayak deck, depending on its design
  • Deck compass: This is another deck accessory for your Hobie raft or canoe that you can lift into the rigging for reference. Some Hobie kayaks can have the compass screwed on permanently.
  • Deck lines: Hobie kayaks have pre-installed lines like the bungee cords that are intended to improve the safety of a vessel, but you can add other ones to assist with handling.
  • Chart holder: This is a sleeve that you can attach to the top of your inflatable Hobie kayak to help protect it when in the water. The clips and cords on the sides of the sleeve facilitate connection to the deck rigging.
How can you find a suitable Hobie kayak cart?

Kayak carts may be useful when ferrying your Hobie Mirage from the storage area to the car or from the vehicle to the waterfront. Kayak carts are designed differently to meet broad user specifications. A center-hull cart has two large wheels and a cradle in the middle. The center of the kayak hull has to rest on this cradle for rolling.

A stern wheel cart is designed to be compact, and it straps onto the back of your Hobie Tandem. There is also the plug-in cart that is designed for sit-on-top kayaks. When buying this vessel for your Mirage, factor in the weight as well and get one that can carry the fishing kayak without buckling. Decide whether you want a kayak cart that can fold or not.

Why do you need a kayak cover?

How you store your Hobie raft, kayak, or canoe will affect the performance and durability of the vessel. A kayak cover for your Hobie fishing kayak is intended to help keep it safe from the elements during the off season. These covers are made from hard-wearing materials that may protect the vessel from UV rays, moisture, and rain damage.

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