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Hobart Dishwashers

Take Care of Dishes With a Commercial Hobart Dishwasher

When your kitchen is putting out a lot of food, there inevitably comes a time for all of those dishes generated along the way to get cleaned up. Having a Hobart dishwasher available from eBay can save you time and energy. There are various designs of machines to accommodate different kitchen layouts and user needs.

What are some types of commercial dishwashers?

There are several models available, including the following:

  • Undercounter units: These would be ideal for any room in which you need to maximize your work area. With an undercounter washer, youre taking advantage of vertical space but leaving that coveted counter space open for prep work or plating. These types of machines can be strategically placed for more efficient loading and unloading.
  • Door-type units: These generally have a larger capacity than the under-counter models. When you use door-type units, you can easily place a variety of dishes or pots and pans right inside without having to bend over.
  • Conveyor units: A conveyor-type dishwasher can be used in an establishment thats fairly busy. The racks can keep on rolling out nice and clean while the kitchen keeps up with orders.
Are there any specialty washers?

Not everything that goes through a kitchen requires the same handling, so there are different types of dishwashers. There is certain equipment, which cleans and sanitizes in a gentle manner, made specifically for glassware. There is other equipment made specifically for pots, pans, and utensils. Having those items go through a separate wash can be effective in some situations.

What are features to consider in terms of efficiency?

Having the ENERGY STAR certification means that a dishwasher meets efficiency standards set by the government. Additionally, a commercial dishwasher may have the following:

  • Ventless energy recovery: Instead of releasing air into the surrounding space, a commercial unit can capture water vapor and condense it in a subsequent cycle.
  • Automatic soil removal: With a special filter system in place, you wont have to do pre-cleaning and scrape away so much food.
  • Drain water energy recovery: This system can capture some heat from hot water going down the drain and transfer it to water on its way towards the dishwasher.
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