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Why Do I Need an Internal Hard Drive?

Most of us have a computer of some kind, but how does it work on the inside? One of the key components of a computer is the internal hard drive.

What is an Internal Hard Drive?

Every computer has an internal hard drive, but what is it?

  • The internal hard drive is where the computer stores all of its memory. You can also call the hard drive the HDD.
  • The storage capacity of a hard drive is determined by how much memory, measured in GB or gigabytes, the drive contains.
  • You can also measure the amount of memory in TB or terabytes. 1 TB is equal to 1000 GB.
  • Hard drives, or HDD, have different connections to your computer. These include the SATA connection or the NAS connection. The better your connection the faster your desktop computer works.
  • Hard drives have internal disks which rotate to work. The rotation of the disk determines how fast the hard drive is and is measured in RPM. RPM stands for Rotation Per Minute, so the higher your RPM on the drive is, the faster your desktop computer will be.

How Can I Use an Extra Internal Hard Drive?

Some people have an extra internal drive, but what is the purpose of having an extra internal drive?

  • You can install the extra drive to expand your memory storage. For the most memory, get a drive that has 1-2 TB. TB is the biggest amount of digital memory we have right now.
  • You can use your extra SATA drive to keep your windows operating system and your computer data separate. Using your extra HDD helps your computer run faster.
  • You can also use your NAS or SATA drive to experiment with different operating systems. One common problem is that Mac users want to use Windows, or Windows users want to use the Mac OS. An extra drive helps you install both.
  • The extra internal hard drive, like a Hitachi Travelstar, can also act as a backup drive so that you will always have backup information if something goes wrong with the original drive.

What are the Specs for the Travelstar 7K500?

When looking for an internal hard drive, the Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 is one to consider.

  • The Travelstar has 500 GB of internal memory.
  • They have a SATA 3Gb/s interface.
  • The Travelstar is compatible with Windows 7.
  • The form factor, or the size of the drive, is 2.5" x 1/8H.

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