Buy Rare and Unique Hess Trucks and Toys at Reasonable Prices on eBay

Since their introduction in 1964, Hess toy trucks have been sold to the public as a token of appreciation from Hess Corporation. These collectible items are usually sold a week or two before Thanksgiving; therefore, if you've seen very large lines of customers at Hess gas stations in weeks leading to Thanksgiving, it's probably due to the shopping frenzy of Hess toy trucks. If you don't want to wait, eBay offers a variety of used Hess trucks for sale.

Categories of Hess trucks for sale

The toy trucks are divided into three categories, which includes holiday toys, the minis, and surprise releases.

  • Holiday toys: As the name suggests, Hess trucks are released every year before the holiday season begins on Thanksgiving. Due to their high demand, all Hess toy trucks sell out completely when released, according to the company. Only a single set of the toy is released every year.
  • The minis: Released in the late spring every year, these Hess toy trucks are smaller-sized replicas of the original toys that were available in the previous years. Buying minis is a great chance for collectors to buy previous models that they missed.
  • Surprise releases: These are toys, books, and similar collectibles that are released to commemorate a special event. The surprise release is rare, which means that it may be many years before Hess releases a surprise toy.
Types of Hess toys

Oil tankers are among the most widely produced toys in the Hess collection. Until 1990, at least two models of a tanker were released every decade. After the Millennium, there seems to be more emphasis on releasing different versions of rescue vehicles and helicopters. The oil tanker collection is relegated to mini-series, which allows collectors to buy a set of oil tankers every year. Other inexpensive Hess toys include racing toys, box trailers, construction, and recreation vehicles.

Unique Hess toys

Hess truck values of very unique items can fluctuate according to their demand by collectors. Among the most unique Hess toy truck is a replica of an actual Hess tanker that was released in 1966. It is the only oil tanker in the Hess production line, which makes it very unique.

Another rare item is an oil truck released in 1967 that comes with a display base. It's called Red Velvet by collectors due to its distinctive red base. The first fire truck in the Hess truck toys collection, introduced in 1970, is also very unique. It came with a detachable ladder and a rotating red emergency light on top operated by a battery.

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