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Herman Miller produces a broad variety of office furniture, including chairs, desks, and a variety of other aluminum items. Many of their furniture designs can be used in the home or a home office and include choices like Eames products and Aeron chairs. Understanding the design of Herman Miller chairs and desks can help you decide if their furniture is right for your needs.

What kinds of chairs and desks does Herman Miller make?

Herman Miller office chairs come in a variety of different designs. As Eames and other trusted manufacturers often produce them, they have a variety of different looks and styles. For example, they create office chairs with aluminum bodies and a cloth seating area that makes it easy to sit in them for extended periods.

However, they also produce desks and chairs for cubicles and other types of systems. For example, some Eames and Herman Miller products need to have a pad underneath them to prevent scraping on a hard floor. A pad also helps make it easier for the user to move across a carpeted floor.

Herman Miller Aeron chairs use what is known as a PostureFit SL and 8Z Pellicle suspension to help make them more comfortable. They are also designed to be ergonomic and to protect the back. Beyond that, they also use a refined tilt mechanism that makes it easier to adjust the height and angle at which the chair sits.

These Herman Miller and Eames products also use aerated cloth backs to make them breathe more easily. This cloth look helps to keep the back of the seat from getting too hot while a person sits. Beyond that, they are also created for natural movement. This term means that they are tweaked to meet the way people really move and sit when they are in a chair at work.

Which specific models are available from this manufacturer?

Anyone who is interested in buying any products by this furniture manufacturer has many options from which they can choose. You can find options that fit into just about any style. Just a few that you can find and purchase include the following items:

  • Herman Miller Open Box Fully Loaded Chairs
  • Herman Miller Loaded Posture Fit Chair
  • Eames Sayl Chair
  • Eames La Fonda Chair with Girard Fabric
  • Eames Embody Task Chair
  • Herman Miller Aeron Tilt Cable Assembly Kit
  • Eames Rope Edge Shell
  • Eames Management
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