Decorate Your Body with Henna Tattoos and Body Art

For centuries, the leaves of the henna plant have been used to create an all-natural dye for skin, hair, and nails. This dye can be used to create body art or hair dye in vibrant shades of golden brown, reddish brown, and chocolate brown, and your body art can be further accented with all sorts of gemstones, glitter, and stick on temporary tattoos. Pick from a wide variety of henna dyes, body art, and art transfers inspired by traditional henna tattoos.

How do you pick out a henna product?

There are all sorts of great options to choose from on eBay. You can find the right one for you by thinking about these factors.

  • Amount of henna in the product: Think about whether you want authentic henna that actually dyes hair and skin or a non-henna temporary tattoo that mimics the look in a faster amount of time.
  • Planned uses for the henna: If you are going to use the henna for hair or nails, you might want something different than products for skin.
  • Included tattoo supplies: Some varieties are just the henna powder itself, or you can look for kits with stencils, brushes, applicators, and other supplies.
  • Tattoo design options: Henna has been used by cultures all over the world, so you can find henna body art in all sorts of styles, ranging from geometric tribal tattoos to floral Indian designs.
Choosing between henna cones and powder

Most henna is sold in either cones or powder form. Henna cones are a premixed form of the dye that combine the leaves with acidic materials to get dye release. These tend to be useful for body art and quick designs. Henna powder is simply powdered henna leaves. You can mix it into a variety of recipes for hair, eyebrow, skin or nail dye, and you can make as much or as little dye as you need.

How long will the henna product last?

This depends entirely on the type of product you pick. Natural henna is a permanent dye for skin and hair. As your skin cells naturally fall off, the henna will lighten, so it can last up to three weeks. Temporary tattoos and henna style airbrush tattoo products without henna dye will last about a week. If you select glitter or art paint style henna body art, it will stay on until you wash it off.