Everything You Need to Know About the Helios 44M Camera Lens

Whether you are into amateur photography, or you are a professional photographer, having lenses that fit your needs is essential. There are a myriad of camera lenses to purchase on eBay. The Helios 44M line of lenses is a unique lens to add to your photography collection.

What are the specs of the Helios 44M-4 lens?

The Helios 44M-4 camera lens is a 58mm f/2 lens that was manufactured by Jupiter in the old Soviet Union from 1958 to 1992. The Helios 44M-4 is considered a medium-telephoto lens. It is manual focus only. It has an optical formula of six elements in four groups. It is lightweight, at only 0.3 kg. Other specs are as follows:

  • Angle of view: 40┬░28
  • Minimum focusing distance: .5 m
  • Optical resolution (center/edge): 38/19 lines/mm
  • Transmittance: 0.80
  • Color formula: 10-0-1.5
What type of photography does the Helios 44M-4 specialize in?

The Helios 44M-4 lens can take both colored and black-and-white photographs. It is good for nature scenes and portraits. The feature that stands out is its geometric vignetting. The geometric vignetting creates what is called the swirly bokeh effect. The optical vignetting causes the bokeh balls that are out of focus to become more ellipsoid as they get further away from the focus in the center of the image. This effect makes it look as if the background is swirling around the center focus image and really makes the focus of the image stand out. This magical look is one that you can achieve with this lens.

What cameras are Helios 44M lenses compatible with?

Since the Helios 44M line of lenses has not been in production since the 1990s, it will not directly fit on current digital cameras. Fortunately, these lenses have specialized adapters that have been made for most Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, among other brands. This makes the Helios 44M line of lenses very versatile, as they can be used with almost any camera that has changeable lenses.

What should you look for when purchasing a Helios 44M?

When looking for a Helios 44M camera lens on eBay, be sure to read about the condition. You want a lens that is not scratched or otherwise compromised. Also, some lenses come with the necessary adapter for various models of cameras. You will either want to find a lens with a compatible adapter for your camera or purchase the adapter separately. Adapters are available on eBay as well.

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