Heathkit Speakers for Powerful Vintage Sounds

If you want to impress your friends with a pair of authentic vintage speakers, the Heathkit speakers in this collection could be just what you've been looking for. There are many different models of Heathkit speakers to choose from, and finding the speakers you need is easy with eBay.

What types of Heathkit speakers are there?

Some examples of the models that this company produced are listed here:

  • AS-22: This is a wall mountable with a slim profile.
  • AS-37A: This has a walnut finish suitable for floor and shelf.
  • AS-16: These are the classic bookshelf type.
  • AS-21: This is the Heathkit Hi-Fi mono speaker.
What are the components of these speakers?

The speakers in this collection consist of a variety of components. Some examples of these components include:

  • Cones: The cones on a speaker are the parts that actually produce sound. These components receive steady streams of electricity while they are operating, and they consist of a variety of magnetic components and a thin membrane that carries sound.
  • Boxes: These are the parts that the cones on a speaker are mounted inside. Boxes for Heathkit speakers are generally made from wood, and they are all rectangular in shape. Various types of wood may be used depending on the model of speaker.
  • Grilles: The grille is the part of a speaker that covers the front of the box. These parts are generally made from mesh or another permeable substance to allow air to pass through. Since sound waves are carried on the air, this feature is integral to the operation of the speaker.
  • Wire receptacles: To produce sound, the Heathkit speakers in this collection need to be connected to a stereo receiver with speaker wire. These receptacles accept this speaker wire, and each speaker has both a positive and a negative receptacle. These components are located at the rear of each speaker.
How do you pick the right speakers?

When it comes to picking out the right Heathkit speakers for your purposes, the most important considerations are aesthetic in nature. While speakers made by this brand all connect to stereo receivers, they all look different, and you may want a light-colored wood finish or a dark-colored wood finish depending on the aesthetics of your space. In addition, these speakers vary in terms of sound quality. While some speakers only contain a mid-range speaker and a tweeter, others may contain four or more speaker cones. Just make sure that your stereo receiver can handle the necessary output for a speaker before you make a final decision.

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