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Jaguar S-Type Heater Parts

Keeping warm while driving around in your Jaguar S-Style vehicle takes a few parts working together to provide heat. The system relies on a heating core and blower to transfer the heat from the motor into the passenger compartment. Here are some things you should know if you are going to be working on the heating system of your Jaguar.

How does the heating system work?

The heat needed to warm your car begins with the motor. The motor uses fluid to lubricate and cool the parts in it. As the motor heats up, the warmth circulates out from the motor and to the radiator where it cools down before going back into the motor. When heating the Jaguar, some of that hot fluid gets sent to a heater core. A fan blows air through a series of fins on the heater core to move the warmth coming from the motor into the passenger system via duct work and vents.

What parts make up the heating system?

The Jaguar S-Type parts used to provide warmth to your model vehicle include the following:

  • Hose lines: The system starts with intake and outlet hoses. The intake hose brings the hot fluid from the engine to the heater control valve and core. The outlet hose returns the fluid to the engine’s cooling system after it has circulated through the core. The fluid eventually makes its way back through the engine where it gets heated up again.
  • Heater control valve: A heater control valve is used on Jaguar S-Type vehicles. The heater control valve determines the volume of fluid running through the heater core. Higher volumes generate more heat through the heater core. The control valve is directly connected to the heat control knob on your dashboard.
  • Heater core: The heater core sits behind the dashboard on the passenger side of the Jaguar S-Type models. The core looks like a little radiator. The hot fluid goes through the fins in the core to help disperse the heat.
  • Blower: The blower consists of a fan and a little electric motor. The fan blows over the fins and heater core to move the heat into a duct and out the vents.
  • Duct and vent system: The duct system distributes the air toward your feet, face, and body depending on the duct settings you choose.
Are there other types of heaters?

There are aftermarket heater kits that can be installed in certain Jaguar S-style vehicles. The heaters bypass the entire heating system originally installed in the car. The kits come with all the parts and hardware you will need to convert your car over to the new style of heater.