Improve Your Home Electrical Wiring Safety With Heat Shrink Tubing

To quickly provide information on the type of wiring used in a particular area, use heat shrink tubing. You can find options that can protect your wiring while improving safety in your home or office on eBay.

Can you use heat shrink tubing to label circuits?

Yes. There are heat shrink tubing kits with as many as 144 pieces. These kits have tubes in 12 different colors or more so that you can easily use different tubes to identify specific wires. Most kits have tubing in several sizes, and you can cover wires of six different widths with them. These tubes can be cut cross-ways if you need a shorter cover, but they lose their effectiveness if they are cut lengthwise.

If you need a single color for multiple projects, large packs are available on eBay with more than 600 tubes, in a single color like black. These have good tensile and dielectric strength and can also be selected in a variety of sizes.

Are heat shrink tubing lined with adhesives?

Several types of heat shrink tubing on eBay are lined with adhesives, to give better cable protection. These have a polyolefin layer that encapsulates individual cables and cable bundles. Several are heat activated, making them ideal for both residential and commercial applications that require extra protection from water or dust.

Protect your ground wire

Heat shrink tubes do not burn like PVC and provide adequate protection for your grounding wires. Several can be used to protect your wires in salty-water environments since they are resistant to salts. Their operating temperature range starts at 40 degrees Celsius, and many can also be used at higher temperatures of up to 110 degrees Celsius. These can be used to protect solder joints or mark groups of lines. In electrical circuits, they provide electrical insulation and are resistant to corrosion.

Utilise heat shrink tubes safely around chemicals

Several heat shrink tubes are made to be used in environments where chemicals, and toxins, regularly come into play. These wires are often fuel resistant, so a spill will not damage them. Since many on eBay are free of formaldehyde, they can be safely used around your family. They also offer the following advantages:

  • They are certified by the UL and CSA, and can provide insulation for up to 600V.
  • They fit tightly and resist liquids, making them ideal for DIY projects with children.
  • Hair dryer heating is sufficient to shrink many of these to one-third of their original size.