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Health and Beauty Gift Cards

Gift cards offer a way to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or special occasions in lieu of a specific gift. A gift card contains a specific value that the recipient can use to purchase a gift of his or her choice. A particular type of gift card enables the recipient to purchase health and beauty products or services.

How do gift cards differ from gift certificates?

Older-style gift certificates were usually printed on decorative paper with the recipient's name and the amount available for use. Gift cards function more like credit or debit cards. They usually show the dollar amount on the face or on the back, and contain a bar code for in-store scanning or a coupon or voucher code to use online.

How do online health and beauty gift cards work?

When you purchase a gift card for online use, read the details carefully so you'll know how your card will be delivered to the recipient. The e-gift card will include a code or pin number that the recipient will need to activate and use the card online. For most online orders, your gift recipient will:

  • Visit the retailer's site and add the desired health and beauty items or services to their cart.
  • Choose gift card as the payment method at checkout.
  • Review the retailer policy for using multiple gift cards and promo codes.
  • Enter their delivery instructions.
  • Check the balance left on their card in the retailer's customer service section.
Are gift cards, discounts, or promo codes the same?

You may be able to purchase gift cards at a discount. For example, you may pay $20 for a $25 face value card. The recipient of your gift card will then be able to purchase $25 worth of, for example, health and beauty products or services with the gift card. Most retailers will allow cardholders to purchase any merchandise--whether full price, on sale, or clearance. Some retailers may allow cardholders to use other discounts and coupons with the card.

What products and services can be purchased with gift cards?

Heath and beauty gift cards can be used to pay for any services or products that the company or retailer offers. Some beauty retailers offer spa or salon services and retail products in the same location.

How do you purchase health and beauty gift cards?

To purchase health and beauty gift cards, either bid on the gift card or choose to purchase the card at the advertised price. Once your bid is accepted or you purchase the card you want, follow these steps:

  • Select "Buy Now" for a single card.
  • Add each card to your cart to buy multiple cards.
  • Add the dollar amount to each card.
  • Proceed to checkout to enter your payment information.
  • Enter the name, address, and email address for each recipient.