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You step onto the bus and hastily find one of the only available seats; you're on the way to work and it's both crowded and noisy. A situation like this would have previously left you anxious and stressed: certainly no way to start your day. But today is different: you remove your headphones from their case and plug them into your favorite MP3 player. In a blink of an eye, a boring bus ride just became a riveting concert by your favorite performer. As the delicate balance of bass, mid-tones, and treble flows deliciously into your ears, you breath a sigh of relief: music really does make everything better.

Pick Your Poison: A World of Choices

For the noisy bus ride mentioned above, you'll definitely want a pair of noise-cancelling headphone, preferably something over-the-ear that can let you become totally immersed in your favorite artist's music. But for that clandestine music-listening situation at work or in class, you'll want something more subtle. A sleek pair of earbuds might be just what the doctor ordered, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes discretely. If you still want the power of over-ear headphones but the casualness of earbuds, then canal buds are for you. These headphones have the same overall design of earbuds, but actually enter slightly into your ear, allowing them to produce superior sound.

Any Source, Any Audio

Headphones allow you to listen to your audio-of-choice no matter where life takes you. Whether you want to listen to your favorite podcast while waiting for class to start, or you need your favorite dance music to keep you motivated while working out at the gym, a solid pair of headphones is a worthwhile product to own. While some headphones are better suited for different genres, a quality pair of headphones can handle all varieties of music, from bluegrass to death metal and everything in between. Apart from their versatility to allow you to enjoy any style of music, headphones also connect to a multitude of sources. Connect your headphones to your personal CD player or cassette player for that nostalgic blast from the past, or hook them up to a portable AM/FM radio to listen to your favorite station. If it has an audio jack, your headphones are up to the task.

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