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Headlights for Toyota Tundra

At some point, you will need to replace or upgrade the headlights in your Toyota Tundra. Selections include a single headlight or a pair, if you need to replace both lights. Toyota Tundra headlights are available from many brands, such as ACDelco, Modifystreet, Depo Auto Parts, Toyota, and Venom Inc.

What headlight bulb types are available?

Headlights for the Toyota Tundra are available in a variety of bulb types, each of which offers something unique.

  • CCFL: These produce a smooth glow that is consistent across all surfaces, due largely to the fact that they consist of a single fluorescent tube of light.
  • Halogen: These make use of a tungsten filament at the center of a halogen bulb along with a small envelope that contains halogen gas to help produce the glow. The brighter the light with this type of headlight, the whiter it becomes.
  • HID: These high-intensity headlights offer a large spectrum of light and are designed to be used specifically in fog and other inclement weather. They come with a unique look to them and are made to be durable.
  • LED: These light-emitting diode headlights consist of a solid material that is referred to as a semiconductor. As electricity passes through this material, tiny particles produce energy that turns into a bright light. These bulbs are energy-efficient and produce only a small amount of heat.
What headlight styles are available?

There are numerous styles that you can select from when deciding which headlight to use with your Toyota Tundra.

  • Projector: These use clear outer lens covers along with multi-faceted projector beam bulbs, and use only a small amount of space, leaving room for customization. Round cutouts, bright lights, daytime running lights, and a variety of additional features are used in their assembly.
  • Halo: These make use of rings of light that encircle around bulb openings for a stylish aesthetic. These halo rings can use a variety of bulbs for illumination.
  • Euro: These assemblies typically consist of parabolic-type headlight reflectors that can be paired with projector headlights or original-style bulbs. They are referred to as "Euro" due to the fact that the portion of the assembly that surrounds the lights includes a black or chrome finish while the lens cover can appear tinted.
  • Factory: These are built to appear exactly like the ones that come standard in your particular Toyota Tundra’s model year.
Do these headlights fit into all Toyota Tundra models?

While you are searching for the right headlights, you should be aware of the fact that they can be fitted into either one specific model year for the Toyota Tundra or in a range of years, an example of which would be 2000 to 2007. To find the right headlights, choose ones that match your Toyota Tundra’s model year.