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Headlights for Pontiac GTO

These headlights are suitable replacements for the factory-installed headlights on your Pontiac GTO. You can select from among a wide range of brands that manufacture replacement headlights for your vehicle, including Modifystreet, MVPTUNING, Dorman, and General Motors as the OEM. They also come in several different sizes that range from H7 to HB4 to accommodate every model year of the Pontiac GTO.

What are the different bulb types?

There are a variety of bulb types that are available as headlights for your Pontiac GTO and can enhance your drive.

  • CCFL: These cold cathode fluorescent lamps use electrodes without a filament and are designed to turn on instantly without any lag time. These bulbs run at a cool temperature due to their thin glass casing while they also use only a small amount of mercury within.
  • Halogen: These bulbs are small and lightweight and make use of a tungsten filament in order to produce light. As more and more energy is provided to the filament, the bulb glows brighter. As this occurs, the light becomes whiter as well.
  • HID: These high-intensity lights provide a large spectrum of visibility when turned on and are designed with lower energy usage in mind.
  • LED: These are designed with energy efficiency in mind and consist of a semiconductor material that can be encased in either plastic or glass and works by moving electrons to produce the light. These bulbs produce only a small amount of heat and provide an accurate color profile.
Which headlight styles are available for the Pontiac GTO?

When you are choosing a set of headlights for your Pontiac GTO, there are a variety of styles to select from.

  • Euro: This custom assembly features an aerodynamic glass surface and makes use of clear plastic construction as well as several multifaceted mirror pieces.
  • Halo: These vehicle headlights make use of rings of light that produce a halo effect around the bulb openings. These halo rings typically consist of LED bulbs and are filled with gas in order to produce the unique effect that they are known for, giving your muscle car a different look.
  • Projector: These use clear outer lens covers and usually consist of stylish round cutouts. Because of the way they are constructed, they use only a little amount of space, allowing you to consider custom designs.
Which lights are included in a standard headlight assembly?

With these headlights, there are two specific types of lights, low-beam lights and high-beam lights. When you switch to your low-beam headlights on your Pontiac GTO, these make use of a small bulb in the headlight assembly. These are the set typically used when it starts to get dark and you are driving on crowded streets. The high-beam headlights that you can switch to are designed to shine brightly and only be used in a handful of situations, such as when driving on roads or highways that do not include many streetlights. High beams also spread their rays in a wider arc, providing your Pontiac GTO with better distance visibility.