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Pontiac G6 Headlights

When your Pontiacs headlights are turned on, they offer increased visibility at all times of the day. Furthermore, they make it easier to see other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals that may be on the road at night. Headlights for the Pontiac G6, whether you have a coupe, convertible or sedan, may be ideal for either quick projects or for complete restoration projects.

Are headlights available for the passenger and drivers side?

Yes, headlights for the Pontiac G6 are available for both the driver and passenger sides. It may be possible to replace both left and right headlights together in kits. Because of the design of the lamp, it is generally necessary to buy products designed specifically for one side of the vehicle.

Do Pontiac G6 lamps come with turn signal indicators?

When a driver is planning on making a turn, he or she must generally use his or her turn signal. Headlights designed for the Pontiac G6 do come with turn signal indicator lights on them. The lights themselves are generally a white or clear color while the turn signal lights are amber or a similar hue.

What type of bulbs do Pontiac G6 headlights use?

In most cases, headlights of the G6 will use LED lighting. As a general rule, they produce brighter and clearer light, which may be advantageous for drivers. It may be possible to get the bulb on its own or as part of a package with the lamp that it goes inside of.

How strong are the bulbs used in G6 headlights?

Bulbs used in Pontiac G6 headlights range in power from 24 watts all the way up to 120 watts. Generally, higher wattage numbers mean that the light the bulb produces is brighter and can be projected farther from the car. However, any replacement bulb can be effective at providing visibility to drivers in times of low sunlight or even during the day.

What types of headlamps are available for the Pontiac G6?

There are a variety of Pontiac headlamps available such as incandescent, LED, projector, and fog. G6 models come standard with an incandescent bulb, but other types are also available. As the name suggests, fog lights tend to offer greater visibility when weather conditions may be cloudy or foggy outside. LED lights are bright and long-lasting and use a relatively small amount of electricity. Projector headlights may be ideal because the beam generated by the xenon bulb in this style of headlight tends to be strong and consistent. Daytime running lamps may also be available, and this may be the default setting when a vehicle is turned on.