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Headlights for Nissan Frontier

Wind through dark landscapes or bad weather with confidence using Nissan Frontier headlights. In addition to helping you drive safely, headlights bring aesthetic appeal to your vehicle's front end. With a wide selection of headlights for your Nissan Frontier, you can find something that's right for your needs.

What is a projector headlight?

Projector headlights seem extremely bright because they emit illumination in a focused beam. Their housing consists of a bulb standing in front of a chrome reflector. The reflector has a very narrow U-shape. This narrow U-shape condenses the emitted light into a tight beam, and lower and upper shutters in front of the bulb affect the illumination's directionality. As a result, projector headlights primarily illuminate the road in front of you, with little scatter to the sides or behind.

What are some other types of headlights?

Choose between Euro, halo, and reflector. Each has unique features, although all of them should function optimally within your Nissan Frontier. Their differences are primarily aesthetic:

  • Euro headlights are sleek and aerodynamic.
  • Halo headlamps look like a cat's eyes or corona rings.
  • Reflector headlamps contain bulbs behind a lens within chrome housing. The reflector sends all of the bulb's glow outward, thoroughly illuminating the road and the surrounding landscape.
Does bulb size mean more light?

The size of bulbs matters, and you must replace your bulbs on your Frontier with models of the same size. Size does not translate into more or less illumination. Bulb sizes, like measuring cups, conform to a system of standardization that lets you get the same size bulb and wattage in any country that uses the bulb. You can change the size entirely using a conversion kit.

Most bulbs are single filament whereas some are dual filament. Different sizes also have differently shaped bases and require compatible connectors.

What is 6500K?

"6500K" is a color temperature. The "K" stands for "Kelvin," a unit of thermodynamic measurement. Color temperature describes the complexion and undertones of a certain light. As a light source becomes cooler or hotter, its color changes. Color temperatures let you gauge the actual appearance of headlights without seeing them in person.

Color temperatures of headlights range from 4500K to 9000K, with 5000K to 8000K being average. At the lower end, emitted artificial light resembles bright white daylight - think mid-morning to high noon. At the upper end, emitted artificial light is much more crystal-like and light bluish-to-white.

Can you still have high/low with one bulb?

Yes, but you need to convert to a dual-beam headlight assembly if you don't already have one. With a dual-beam headlight assembly in your Nissan, you can use one dual filament bulb for both a low beam and a high beam. With most dual beam headlights, the bulb is an H4, HB4, or 9007. There are also LED and COB dual beam versions.

Light-emitting diodes light up when electrons and electron holes recombine after electricity comes into contact with a two-lead semiconductor. COB, or chips on board, is chip-sized LED technology mounted to another material. Both are energy-efficient and bright.