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Nissan Armada Headlights

Headlights are a legal requirement and also aesthetic, available in a wide range of color temperatures, bulb types, and the amount of emitted lumens. Headlights illuminate your Nissan Armada's trim while lighting dark roads, improving visibility, and letting you communicate with fellow motorists and vice versa. The following five answers address common questions about Nissan Armada headlights.

What are Armada ballasts, and are they necessary?

Ballasts are not specific to the Armada or to Nissan. However, you do need ballasts if you want to install high-intensity discharge or HID headlights in your Nissan Armada. HID headlights are arc lamps. HID bulbs contain tungsten electrodes and gas, giving off a light when electricity arcs or jumps between the two electrodes. The bulb's gas supports the electrical arc.

Ballasts in your Nissan headlights provide the initial spark of electricity, and they control its subsequent flow, preventing headlight bulbs from burning out within a matter of hours. Luckily, most fluorescent and HID headlights come with ballasts although you also can purchase them separately as needed.

Does an SUV need more lumens or higher color temperature?

Lumen and color temperature are different, and there are no optimal ranges for specific vehicle types like a Nissan SUV or truck. Lumens refer to the amount of light emitted whereas color temperature corresponds to the color, undertones, and appearance of a given light.

Generally, headlights range from 4500K to 7000K, with 6000K being most common. A color temperature of 6000K means the light is a crisp white with pale bluish undertones.

How do LED halo projector headlights work on the Armada?

LED halo projector headlights work similarly on every vehicle regardless of type. LED or light-emitting diodes create photons (light) when electron holes and electrons recombine after electrical currents encounter a two-lead semiconductor. "Halo" means the LEDs are positioned circularly.

Projector headlight technology is a modified reflector technology. Within the housing of standard incandescent and fluorescent headlights, the bulbs stand in front of reflectors shaped like hemispheres or parabolas. In a projector headlight, the bulb stands in front of a reflector shaped like a tight "U." This focuses the light forward into a beam.

Can you use nominal bulbs interchangeably on the Armada?

h2, H2, H3, H4, H7, and H9 are all nominal power bulbs designated by the United Nations for use in headlights and other nominal power light installations. All of the bulbs have a single filament, except H4, which has two filaments. Each bulb has its own uniquely shaped base and only fits into its compatible socket in your Nissan.

Your Nissan Armada owner's manual designates the type of bulbs your headlights contain. You must replace your existing bulbs with similar bulbs or change the assembly entirely with a conversion kit.

Can you just replace the bulb only on your vehicle?

It depends on the type of headlight assembly you have. With a composite assembly, you can just change the bulb. If your headlight assembly is a sealed beam, then you must replace the entire assembly.

Sealed beam headlights are hermetically sealed and have high ratings for protection against dust and water ingression. Composite headlights, although not hermetically sealed, are water resistant. Conversion kits let you switch assemblies as needed.