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Headlights for Nissan Altima

Headlights provide lighting for a vehicle so that you have an easier time seeing when operating your Nissan Altima. When these accessories are not operating as intended, the safety and security of the driver, other vehicles on the road, and the vehicle itself can be jeopardized. You can find an array of replacement parts to repair or restore your Altimas headlights.

Whats the difference between headlights and daytime running lights?
  • Standard headlights on the Nissan Altima are lamps that are designed into the front of a car to provide illumination for visibility purposes. These lights are controlled by the operator of the automobile through an on and off switch.
  • Automatic headlights operate in a similar fashion as daytime running lights in that they are powered on by sensors whenever the auto is running. Automatic headlights can also be controlled by the cars operator who sets the illumination levels.
  • Daytime running lights provide a low-illumination whenever the car is powered on. These accessories work through the use of sensors and have no controls for the driver to operate.
What types of headlights are available for the Nissan Altima?

There are three common types of headlights available for todays automobiles. Each type of lighting accessory has a different method for producing illumination.

  • Halogen: Illuminates due to a mixture of halogen gases which include nitrogen mixed with argon or iodine combined with bromine. These gases burn at around 2,500 degrees Celsius which causes the light to result.
  • HID or Xenon: These create illumination through the use of Xenon gas capsules which are heated by two electrodes and ballast containing a circuit board.
  • LED: Illumination occurs when electrons pass through a semiconductor containing clusters of LEDs. These headlights are energy efficient and require only a small amount of power from the battery.
How can you tell the model of a headlight bulb?

There are a couple of ways that you can determine the model headlight bulb your Nissan needs. The following is a list that can help you find this information.

  • Check existing bulb: This information for the original part can be found stamped on its base.
  • Check owners manual: Your Nissan owners manual provides information for the recommended type and model headlight used specifically in your automobile.
Why is there condensation in the headlight assembly?

It is not uncommon for there to be a small amount of moisture build-up in the headlight assembly on your Nissan Altima. This occurs for a variety of reasons.

  • Water can seep into the assembly if the boot holding the bulb in place is not fitting properly. This can be due to wear or not being seated as required.
  • Loose headlight assemblies can allow water to get behind the housing and seep in.
  • Cracks or other damage to the lens of a headlight allow water to enter and get trapped.