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Headlights for Mercedes-Benz ML320

The ML320 is one of the several luxury automobiles manufactured by Mercedes Benz under its M Series. Designed as an SUV, it handles like a car and can tackle both highways and city streets. Replacing the faulty headlights in your car ensures safety on the road and gives you a better view of everything ahead of you.

What parts make up a Mercedes headlight?

Like other companies, the headlights that Mercedes Benz makes feature different components. If you take a better look at your faulty headlight, you may find that you just need to replace a single component and not the entire unit. Consider these components:

  • Assembly: This piece allows the headlight to fit into its opening and keeps it from falling out. When you change the bulb, you may need to remove the entire piece.
  • Cover: On top of the bulb is a piece of plastic called the cover. This allows the light to shine through but keeps the bulb safe from things that hit your car. You may have one with multiple plastic pieces in shades of white or yellow.
  • Wiring: Replacement headlights for the Mercedes-Benz ML320 may come with new wiring too. This wiring connects to the engine and the system in your vehicle. When you turn on the knob in your vehicle, it sends word to the engine to turn on the headlight.
  • Bulb: You can choose from different types of bulbs such as halogen, xenon, CCFL, and LED based on the brightness that you want.
What is a projector headlight?

Projector headlights are available in kits that include everything needed to install a pair. It sits inside a rounded piece called the bowl, which has a reflective surface. This surface allows all the light to hit the projector lens, and the lens then projects the brightness onto the road in front of you. Projector models generally offer a more concentrated light beam than other types do.

What are OEM and aftermarket parts?

Original equipment manufacturer headlights come in a few different types but typically mimic those originally found on the car. As a Mercedes-Benz ML320 owner, you'll need to look at the year the company made your car. This helps you find products that fit the vehicle. Aftermarket products come from manufacturers other than Mercedes Benz. These products are all compatible with your car and let you customize your headlights.

What companies make headlights for the ML320?

The ML320 can also accommodate headlights made by other companies. DEPO Auto Parts, Hella, and WD Express all make headlights for this Mercedes model. Phillips makes replacement bulbs that work with Mercedes headlights.