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Lexus RX350 Headlights

Operating your luxury SUV in safety just isn’t possible in the absence of properly functioning headlights. While promptly replacing headlights when necessary is the duty of any RX 350 owner, with so many options available, picking out a pair of replacement or upgrade headlights doesn’t have to be boring. You can find the headlights that appropriately reflect the classy aesthetic of your Lexus SUV.

What headlights are available for the Lexus RX 350?

The two types of headlights more frequently used in contemporary vehicles are high-intensity discharge bulbs (HID) and light-emitting diodes (LED). HID lights make use of discharged gas to emit a super-powered beam of light and are rated to last about 2,000 hours. Minuscule LED diodes use up a tiny amount of energy and are rated to last an amazing 50,000 hours.

How do you install fog lights in a Lexus?

Sometimes the everyday high beams on your Lexus RX 350 are not enough in fog. In inclement conditions like fog, snow, or heavy rain, the optional fog lights which savvy Lexus owners choose to install in the bottom corners of their vehicles can be a true lifesaver. Follow these simple instructions to install fog lights in your Lexus RX 350.

  • Pick a side to start with and turn the wheels so you can access the wheel well. Turn off the engine.
  • Remove the fog light support bracket from within the wheel well and the plastic cover at the front side of the fog lamp location.
  • Insert the fog light into the cavity until all of the tabs lock.
  • Reach inside the wheel well and connect the electrical wiring to the back of the fog light.
  • Repeat these steps for the fog light on the opposite side. Turn on the fog lights when finished to test their functionality.
How do you replace the headlight assemblies in a Lexus?

There are a number of reasons why a Lexus owner might need to replace one or both of the headlight assemblies on their luxury Lexus RX 350. Installing new headlight assemblies is often required when upgrading to LED headlights, and these brittle parts are among the more common effects of minor fender benders. Whichever the case may be, replacing the headlight assemblies in your Lexus is easy to complete for each side.

  • To gain access to the headlight assemblies, remove the plastic pins securing the bumper cover to the vehicle and pull the cover a short distance away from your Lexus RX.
  • If replacing both assemblies, pick a side to start with and remove the three exposed headlight assembly bolts with a socket wrench. The assembly should now hang free from the front end.
  • Disconnect the electrical harness from the old assembly and position the new assembly into place.
  • Connect the electrical harness to the new assembly and pop the assembly into the cavity. Insert the three bolts to secure the new assembly and complete the installation.
  • Repeat these steps for the opposite side if necessary.