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Headlights for Lexus IS300

Whether you're taking your vehicle for a drive and realize you have a headlight out or simply decide to swap out your OEM bulb for a different type, Lexus IS300 lights are available. You can switch out low beams for high beams or choose types like HID and LED.

What bulb types can you use for a Lexus IS300?
  • CCFL: Cold cathode fluorescent lamps are a little heavier than LED lights and use more power. You can add them as accents to your vehicle's LED headlights.
  • Halogen: Commonly used in many vehicles, halogen bulbs are designed to last roughly 2,000 hours and produce a faint yellow-white glow.
  • HID: Also known as Xenon headlights, these high-intensity discharge bulbs produce a light that can overpower the drivers of other vehicles. They give out a sharp bluish-white light.
  • LED: LED bulbs require low amounts of power and are designed to give off light in one direction.
How many bulbs will you need for the Lexus IS300?

Your Lexus service manual will likely provide the OEM bulb sizes the vehicle will use, and if you're replacing all of the bulbs, you'll want to pay close attention to the numbers. The headlights of the Lexus will be larger than other lights in the car like the tail lights, license plate bulbs, and overhead interior light. If you're replacing the left headlamp, it makes sense to replace the right lamp and rear lights as well, as they tend to go out at the same time.

What headlight styles can you use on a Lexus?
  • Halo: These aftermarket vehicle headlights contain a bright ring inside of the assembly. Halo headlights, parts, and accessories are common customization options for Lexus IS300 owners.
  • Reflector: The housing of the Lexus holds the bulbs, and the paint of the housing reflects the headlights onto the road. The bulb is protected by chrome parts, which also help to protect other drivers from being overwhelmed by bright light.
  • Projector: These can be used for a variety of Lexus IS300 bulbs, and they project the headlights into a sharp, focused light through the magnified projection lens.
Can you change your Lexus IS300 halogen headlights to LED?

You may be able to change the style of your headlights on a Lexus from halogen to HID or LED. You'll need to have compatible LED wiring installed in the Lexus. Make sure that you get the right sizes. Check your Lexus IS300 service manual for parts information on compatibility with LED or HID light styles.

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