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Ford Fusion Headlights

First released in 2006, the Ford Fusion is a mid-size sedan that comes in standard and hybrid versions. The headlights on yours help you see the road ahead and maintain your focus. You may find that you need to replace the headlight or just one part of it, such as the assembly.

What bulb size do you need?

Whether you have a Fusion hybrid, sport, or any other sedan, you will still need to choose a size. Check with the manual that came with your car to see what size you need. Most Ford models require one that starts with an "H," like an H7 or H8. Available sizes go all the way up to an H13 size.

What bulb types can you get?

In addition to looking at size, you may want to consider the bulbs that come with the Fusion headlight. These vehicles can accommodate any of these bulb types.

  • CCFL: CCFL lights are generally smaller and produce less light. A cold cathode fluorescent lamp acts like back lighting to help your primary light source shine brighter.
  • HID: HID options are conversion kits designed to convert your sedan to work with these brighter bulbs. The bright shine produced is suitable for sport enthusiasts who spend time in the dark.
  • LED: This is another option suitable for those who want to see brighter lights. These models will usually last a long time.
  • Halogen: These are similar to the stock options found on the Ford Fusion. It gives you the same clarity and visibility that you currently have in your sedan.
  • Xenon: This option for vehicles produces more brightness. You'll also need a conversion kit because the Fusion does not come ready to work with xenon products.
What is a projector headlight?

A projector headlight also goes by the name of a halo light. It features multiple bulbs and other accessories inside a frame. Those pieces work together to create a halo effect that projects the brightness that you need onto the road. Projectors install fairly quickly on most models and provide more brightness.

What is an OEM headlight?

An OEM headlight is one produced by Ford to work with this vehicle. OEM refers to the original equipment manufacturer. An OEM part will work with most versions of the Ford Fusion. You'll find those designed for cars made between 2006 and 2012. Others work with the second generation, which came out in 2013.

Can you buy replacement parts?

Yes, there are many replacement parts, so you may not have to replace entire headlight. In addition to the bulb, you'll also find a housing often called an assembly. This refers to the plastic piece that wraps around the light. Ford usually puts information right on the housing, including the size of fuse or bulb needed. Ford also makes replacement covers, which are the plastic pieces that you see on the outside of your Ford Fusion. This plastic can break because of minor accidents or sharp temperature changes.