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Ford F-350 Headlights

With its diesel fuel capabilities and powerful engine and transmission, the Ford F-350 truck is driven for power and style, and it's compatible with a vast array of headlights that have many aesthetic choices as well as features for enjoyment behind the wheel. There are many different bulbs, color temperatures, and assemblies available for your crew cab or SuperCab. This guide will demystify common details of F-350 headlights and provide information you won't get from a dealer.

What types of bulbs are used in Ford F-350 headlights?

H1, H2, and H3 are bulbs used in this truck's headlights. Each has its own base type designed to fit in a very specific socket shape, although your needs shouldn't vary for different trim types like Lariat or XLT. They are Group 1 nominal power bulbs designated for use in headlights by the United Nations. H4, H7, H11, H13, HB3, HB4, 9004, 9005, 9006, and 9007 are some others. All of these bulb types have single filaments, save H4, which has dual filaments.

Confirm the bulb type when perusing headlights for your F-350. These bulbs are not interchangeable, and a new H1 bulb must replace an existing H1 bulb, or you may convert your entire assembly to accommodate a new bulb type.

How do you convert your F-350 Ford headlight assembly?

There are assembly conversion kits that let you take your XLT or Lariat from sealed beam to composite, single beam to dual beam, and one bulb type to another. Some kits for the crew cab or SuperCab entail assemblies that include tail lights, fog lights, bumper lights, or corner lamps in addition to headlights. Other kits include integrated light bars to help augment the power and brightness of the headlights. The Ford F-350 Super Duty accepts both composite and sealed assemblies as well as single-beam and dual-beam ones.

What are the differences between single- and dual-beam headlights?

Single-beam headlights have two bulbs per headlight, one high and one low. Dual-beam headlights have one bulb integrated for low-beam and high-beam function, such as the dual-filament H4, H13, 9004, and 9007 bulbs.

What are COB chips?

COB stands for "chips on board." It's an LED technology that uses chips as opposed to bulbs. Like LED bulbs, chips on board produce illumination by emitting photons, or light energy. This happens after electrons and electron holes recombine when electricity courses through a dual-lead semiconductor.

Chips are typically very small, which lets manufacturers attach them to other materials in all sorts of flat or dimensional configurations on the vehicle. The resulting lighting pattern resembles a pool, or unbroken panel, of illumination, unlike bulbs and their telltale dots of brilliance.

What color temperature should you get for your Ford vehicle?

Whether you're driving a Super or crew cab Ford, most headlights for Ford F-350 cars have a color temperature of at least 5,000K with 6,000K being average. Anything above 4,500K has the look of natural daylight at various degrees of brightness. Further up the scale, white light tends to take on more of a bluish tint.