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Ford Explorer Headlights

A Ford Explorer's headlights are important to a driver's safety on the road. In fact, safety experts also recommend replacing headlights as soon as they begin to dim to prevent one from burning out completely. When you're ready to replace your headlights, there are many on the market for you to choose from.

Should you replace both Ford Explorer headlights at once?

Headlights grow increasingly dim with time. Most estimates are that a headlight will dim about 20% over time before burning out completely. When a headlight goes out on your Ford Explorer, it's a matter of time before the other headlight bulb burns out too.

If you only change the burnt-out headlight and not the other, the replacement bulb will be much brighter than the other. To avoid having to change a headlight again in the near future, you can change both at the same time. Headlights are sold in two-packs, which also makes replacing both at once convenient.

How do you replace a Ford Explorer headlamp?

To change out an Explorer's headlight, you'll need to access the headlamp assembly under the vehicle's hood. If you are unsure of where this is located, you can find the exact location in the SUV's owner's manual. After locating the headlight assembly, you need to disconnect the electrical connector.

Next, find the self-locking tabs. Compress the tabs to loosen the headlight bulb and remove it from the assembly. To install a replacement light, reverse the procedure and put the assembly back in its original position.

Are there any safety concerns with Explorer headlight replacement?

Changing a Ford headlight is usually a safe and fast task. There are relatively no safety concerns. However, if your SUV uses xenon bulbs, you may need to contact a mechanic for replacement. Xenon bulbs can conduct electricity and energy regardless of whether a vehicle's battery is disconnected. To reduce risk, it's not recommended to change this type of bulb yourself.

The other precaution to take when replacing lighting is to avoid touching the bulb with your bare fingers as oils commonly found on your hands can leave smudges on bulbs. A small smudge can cause the bulb to burn faster in one particular area, which will cause the bulb to burn out prematurely. If the bulb is accidentally touched with bare hands, wipe the bulb down with a shop towel before completing the installation.