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Ford Mustang Headlight & Taillight Covers

Light covers for the Ford Mustang add to the Ford's styling and protect its lights from spray and particles from other cars and trucks. Some of these parts are designed for purely aesthetic reasons to enhance the look of your Ford vehicle, while others have both functional and aesthetic properties. These light covers come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors, and they are designed to coordinate with the chrome housing of the headlights or taillights.

What are the types of covers for Mustang taillights?
  • Vinyl overlays: Vinyl overlays fit over the existing covers for the taillights. They can be removed as needed, and they typically provide a darker tinting or a smoky look to the lights.
  • GT Conversion kits: Conversion kits are sets of covers that are designed to make a 2012 or earlier Ford Mustang look like it has the taillights of a 2013 or more recently produced car. The Ford GT Mustang conversion kits consist of vinyl coverings that are directly applied to the plastic covers already on the taillights.
  • Plastic covers: Plastic covers replace the original plastic pieces over the Ford's taillight bulbs. They are usually transparent and fit underneath the lights' chrome housing. The covers over the brake lights are red in color so that other cars and trucks on the road can clearly view when you are slowing or stopped.
How do you choose Mustang headlight or taillight covers?
  • Select the model year and fitment: Different model years of the Ford Mustang have different sizes, fits, and shapes of headlights and taillights. You will also need to select the position of the headlight or taillight on the vehicle, such as front driver's side or passenger's side or rear driver's side or passenger's side.
  • Choose a color: Choose from transparent, red, chrome, tinted, smoke, blue, or yellow covers for the Ford.
  • Select a manufacturer: Select vehicle light covers made by Ford as the original equipment manufacturer or light covers made by other companies, including Auto Vent Shade, GT Styling, or Mustang. There are also unbranded light covers available.
How do you install vinyl overlays for Mustang taillights?

It is important to make sure that the vinyl overlay cover has the right size and shape to ensure that it fits your Ford Mustang. Once you have measured the length and width of your taillight, you can cut the vinyl parts to size if they are not already cut to fit your model of Ford Mustang. Once the vinyl light covers are the right size, clean the taillight's surface with soapy water. Lightly spray the vinyl overlay light covers with soapy water. Apply the overlay to the place you want it on the taillight. Smooth any wrinkles in the light covers. Apply heat to the covers with a hair dryer. Use a squeegee to smooth any creases. Trim any excess vinyl from the lights using a sharp craft knife while the covers are still warm.