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Dodge Durango Headlight and Taillight Covers

Replace a cracked lens or add some flair to your glare with these automotive light covers for the Dodge Durango. Using light covers is a creative way to make your Durango stand out from the herd and can lead to increased safety on the road as well. Select the lighting accessories that will truly make your Dodge Durango shine.

What types of Dodge Durango light covers are there?

There are replacement or upgraded light covers for both the front and back end of your Dodge Durango. Beyond conventional plastic lenses, there are carbon fiber light covers. Also included in this category are lenses of various shapes and sizes, such as a colored film on the inside edge to provide a unique look.

What are the benefits of Dodge Durango colored headlight covers?

Add a distinctive dash of glamour to the headlights equipped in your Dodge Durango by upgrading to colored lenses. Available in various shades of blue, yellow, purple, and green, colored headlight covers make your Durango stand out while still effectively shining a beam to illuminate your path.

What are the advantages of smoked taillight covers?

Smoked taillight covers make use of a lightly tinted film to darken the appearance of your taillights. While these covers will make your taillights appear darker on the road, they still emit as much luminosity as their conventional cousins.

How do you install carbon fiber taillight covers?

Carbon fiber taillight covers are incredibly durable alternatives to traditional taillight covers. This innovative lens technology is crystal clear and is often paired with LEDs for a futuristic look. Installing carbon fiber taillight covers requires removing the taillight assemblies in your Dodge. The process may vary based on the year of manufacture, but you might find these simple instructions are helpful to remove your existing taillight covers and get started with replacements:

  • Uncouple the negative battery terminal, and open the tailgate with the engine turned off. Pick a side on which to begin.
  • Remove the taillight assembly by using a socket wrench to remove the two bolts found on the inside edge of the assembly. Pull the assembly out of the socket, and disengage the electrical wiring.
  • Place the assembly on a level surface, and locate the tabs along the edge of the assembly that hold the taillight cover in place. Using a flathead screwdriver, pry the clips to release the taillight cover.
  • Position the carbon fiber taillight cover over the assembly, and press down to engage the clips. Reconnect the electrical wiring to the assembly, and insert it into the vehicle.
  • Bolt the assembly in place, and repeat these steps for the other assembly. Start the vehicle to test your new taillight covers.