Make Yard and Lawn Preparation Easier With a Power Rake

Do you often find that you need to break up dirt, sod, or various soil types? If so, you may have realized that it is not a job for the faint of heart. One way to ease the burden is to use a new or used Harley rake attached to the front of a skid steer. Knowing how to use a Harley rake and what specifications to pay attention to can help you choose the right one for your needs at eBay.

What types of soil can a Harley power rake handle?

A skid steer Harley rake can handle a variety of soil with ease, including soil littered with rocks and debris. However, you should avoid soil that is wet and sticky as the rake may have trouble sifting through it. Also, keep clear of areas with a lot of weeds since the weeds can get caught up and wrapped around the drum. Should you use the Harley rake in areas with compacted soil or sod, it may require a few pass-throughs to loosen the ground enough.

What width is right when purchasing a Harley rake for sale?

When you choose to buy a fairly priced Harley rake, it is important to consider the width of the attachment. The width of the Harley rake skid steer attachment should be wider than the tracks of your loader. The best way to determine you have the right width is to make a note of your skid steer’s model. Specification tables allow for you to match the skid steer to the power rake.

Are the tires durable enough to handle tough terrain jobs?

When you purchase a power rake for sale, you will notice the attachment has wheels. You may worry that the wheels could sustain damage over rough ground. The tires contain solid urethane to make them durable and prevent a flat tire from occurring.

How does the rake handle rocks and debris?

The power rake will shift rocks out of the soil and push them to the side, allowing for easy pick-up. Take into consideration that large rocks or a lot of rock and debris may damage the teeth of the rake. Make sure you survey the land carefully so you can ensure the rake can handle the job. In many situations, a power rake can deal with rocks and debris, though you should still take care when using it on a job like that.

Broken or damaged teeth

If the teeth of the power rake are broken or bent, you can replace them. Although many power rakes are highly durable, the teeth can still sustain damage, especially as time goes by. You will need to remove the damaged teeth and the teeth holders so you can weld the new teeth and holders to the drum.