A motorcycle is a fun way to get out and enjoy the open road, and Harley-Davidson is one of many producers of bikes in the United States. Their vast selection of models allows riders of all experience levels to take to the road with confidence.

What types of motorcycles does Harley-Davidson manufacture?

Harley-Davidson produces more than 35 different models, but each of these falls into a separate category based on the type of ride it is designed to provide. Selecting one depends on the comfort level of the driver and the kind of terrain the bike will be ridden on. Models include:

  • Street
  • Sportster
  • Softail
  • Touring
  • Trike
  • CVO
What features come standard on a motorcycle?

Most bikes come with a variety of features standard. They are designed to make the motorcycle more comfortable to ride and also include a variety of safety mechanisms.

  • Cruise control: This feature maintains the motorcycle at a set speed.
  • Anti-lock brakes: Anti-lock brakes prevent the wheels from locking up.
  • Security system: A security system prevents the motorcycle from being operated until deactivated. It will sound an alarm if tampering is detected.
  • Cast-aluminum chassis: The overall weight of the motorcycle affects the handling of the bike, and an aluminum chassis is designed to reduce the total weight burden for the driver.
  • Safety headlights: Advanced headlights flash while the motorcycle is driven, which helps increase overall visibility of the driver.
Do motorcycles come in different colors?

Manufacturers know that each owner will have a different preference when it comes to the color of their motorcycle. Harley-Davidson offers a variety of color options depending on the body style chosen:

  • Street black
  • Rugged gold
  • Wicked red
  • Industrial gray
  • Rawhide denim
What types of engines are available?

The type of engine that comes with a Harley-Davidson is dependent on the model. Smaller bikes are usually equipped with a lighter and more fuel-efficient model while larger designs come standard with a more powerful engine option:

  • 494 CC: Sportster models are the lightest model by weight and come standard with a 494 CC engine.
  • 883 CC: Harley-Davidson Softail models are a bit heavier and require the extra power of an 883 CC engine.
  • 1,202 CC: The Trike models are designed with three wheels, and the extra weight means a 1,202 CC engine or higher is necessary for performance purposes.
  • 1,923 CC: The largest engine produced by Harley-Davidson is the 1,923 CC, and it is only available in the CVO model.