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Harley Davidson Jackets and Leathers

There is specialized clothing for riding a motorcycle as well as accessories aimed at protecting the rider, from a stylish leather jacket to more casual apparel. These items are designed not only for protection but to also make your time riding more enjoyable. Here are some tips to finding the Harley Davidson jackets and leather accessories you may need.

How does Harley Davidson motorcycle clothing protect you?

Jackets protect your elbows, chest, spine, and shoulders. The protection comes from the heavy padding, leather, and high-density nylon in those areas on the jacket. There are also Velcro straps to keep the jacket in place and to adjust the jacket to your size.

What's a rubber shifter cover for?

This shifter sock or cover goes over your bike's shifter, and it protects your shoes and boots from damage when you start the motor. These rubber covers come in several different colors to match your mood or the color of your bike. They have traction bumps so your foot doesn't slip when starting your motorcycle, and they are easy to install and remove.

What accessory protects your wrists while riding a bike?

There are hand protectors and supporters, which are sort of like gloves. These gloves don’t cover your fingers, though. They protect and support your wrists, palms, and the backs of your hands. They come in different sizes and can be tightened and adjusted with Velcro straps. You can wear these over your regular gloves.

Are there motorcycle jackets for men and women?

Yes, there are multi-sex designs, which come in small, medium, and multiple XL sizes. These full body armor jackets offer extra protection to the chest and shoulder areas. They are made of breathable and cool materials to help you stay comfortable.

How do you protect and care for Harley leather parts?

To protect and care for your leather accessories, there are covers and dressings. A seat cover, which you can keep on while riding your bike, provides extra comfort during long trips, lessens the chances of you slipping, and protects your leather seat.

A bike cover goes over the entire bike and protects it from the elements. Each model is a different size and shape to go with the many bike styles, and there is a specific model for Harley Davidson bikes. Use a leather dressing to condition and clean the leather on your bike or your leather jacket. The dressing is waterproof.

To protect your Harley Davidson shoes when riding or when in the rain, mud, or snow, there are waterproof overshoes. Slip these on over your boots or shoes, zip them up, and secure them in place with the connected ties. They will cover your entire shoe or boot, and they have rubber soles. They come in different sizes to match various foot lengths and widths.

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