A Guide for Buying Medical Handpieces and Instruments

Medical professionals often use large, high-tech machinery, but they just as frequently use small, simple equipment as well. If you're in the market for hand-held medical or dental instruments, then you have a variety of options available on eBay from which you can choose.

What types of handpieces and instruments are available?

Since the medical field is large, different disciplines require different instruments. Whether you specialize in pulling teeth, healing bones, or performing everyday medical tasks, you'll have no problem finding tools on eBay to help you with your work. Some of the categories of medical instruments are:

  • Dental instruments - Many small tools are essential when performing oral surgery. Dental handpieces and instruments are in high demand.
  • Orthopedic instruments - Taking care of muscles, bones, joints, and the like requires a variety of small instruments.
  • General surgical instruments - You don't have to be a specialist to need handpieces and instruments. Many of the day-to-day medical tasks are performed with smaller tools.

Types of dental handpieces and instruments

There are many different dental instruments available on the market today. Regardless of your area of specialty, you'll have no problem obtaining some of the following dental handpieces:

  • Dental handpieces - One piece of dental equipment that is frequently used is the handpiece. Dentists use these hand-held utensils primarily to drill holes in teeth.
  • Curing lamps - Dentists use these tools to cure glue used to secure various dental implants and attachments.
  • Scrapers and scalers - These tools are useful for removing plaque and tartar from teeth.
  • Endodontic tools - Tools like gum-cutters and filling pens are helpful for endodontists.

Other types of surgical instruments

Those who are in search of other types of surgical instruments have many options open to them. Whether you need something suitable for cutting, sawing, searching, or clamping, you'll have a bevy of handpieces at your disposal.

  • Endoscopes - Doctors who need to see inside the body may have to use these long, ropy hand tools.
  • Forceps - These surgical instruments may sometimes look like scissors, but they're used for grasping rather than cutting.
  • Bone-cutters - Bone saws and plier-shaped bone-cutters are used to cut into or through bones.
  • Scalpels - These classic medical blades are used for precision cutting and delicate surgeries.
  • Medical scissors - A variety of types of scissors in the medical field can cut through everything from bandages to flesh.