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Hanae Mori's Women's Fragrances

Hanae Mori is a female fashion designer and artist who works with perfume. Her products are influenced by a butterfly theme, and that signature expression in Mori’s work is also represented in a feminine perfume line. The perfume by Hanae Mori brings together soft textures listed in two expressions: floral and fruit-based scents.

Who is the designer that makes the Hanae Mori perfumes?

Hanae Mori is a Japanese fashion designer who developed a line of women’s fragrances. This artist’s past work bridged the fashion of Japan and Western culture. Her work appears in cinema, on the runway, and on Broadway as a collection of aromas that are designed to be feminine. The designer Mori takes her career metamorphosis theme and expresses it in perfumes and fragrances in the two categories of floral or fruity textures.

What are some features of the perfume by Hanae Mori?

Women's perfume by Hanae Mori has a soft, feminine scent, and the butterfly model captures almond trees and wild strawberry aromas for this effect. The Eau by Hanae Mori mixes the scents of sandalwood and cedar together for a more woody texture. The self-titled Hanae Mori fragrance combines the elements of blackberries with Brazilian rosewood and ylang-ylang. The softness of perfume by Hanae Mori is intended to embody the butterfly.

What are the basic scents by Hanae Mori derived from?

The scents and fragrances of this manufacturer come from a feminine expression captured as a fragrance and perfume bottle. The common factor of these scents is the wide aromatic range between flora, oriental, leather, woody, citrus, chypre, fruity, and aromatic compounds. The listed categories of fragrances are used for their essence when blending or creating a new perfume. The Hanae Mori fragrances are also derived from a pallet of smells that come from nature, including the following:

  • The ylang-ylang tree: This tree consists of a strong odor that’s used as the base of standard perfume mixes and is the basic floral aroma. This tree is from Indonesia and uses a potent, honey-like aroma that has touches of lemon and citrus.
  • The sandalwood tree: Sandalwood is a tropical tree, and its wood has a sweet, aromatic quality you find when burning it or when extracting the tree’s sugars. The tree itself doesn’t grow tall and is condensed to oil when extracting perfume aromas.
  • Fruity and floral bases: The standard and exotic elements used in Hanae Mori bottles and scents are mixed with a specific theme of fruit and floral varieties.
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