Build a Cutting-Edge Strength Training Theater With Hammer Strength

Attract and retain discerning fitness clients with a state-of-the-art array of Hammer Strength training machines. Hammer Strength also provides competitive strength training options for professional quality home gyms. Built for lasting durability, Hammer Strength offers a wide array of machines intended for single- and multiple-body-part training.

Do you have to buy pieces or sets?

The ever-changing equipment available through eBay encompasses both pieces and sets that are unused, in excellent condition, or gently used. Hammer Strength sets are typically self-contained, coming with everything you need except additional plates. Sets are essentially several racks bonded into a single asymmetrical shape, with bars and attachments for upper and lower body workouts. Some sets even include a manual chin-up bar, giving you the option of using just your body weight and gravity for resistance or strapping plates to yourself.

What does Hammer Strength have for upper body?

There are reasonably priced models designed to perform most common exercises and corresponding body parts:

  • Benches and assisted chin dips: Work your chest, arms and back
  • Curling machines, seated row, and lateral presses: Hit your chest, arms, and back
  • Lat pulldowns: Develop your back and triceps and do pulldown crunches and crossovers
  • Shoulder presses and inclines: Target your deltoids and upper chest
What does Hammer Strength make for legs?

Hammer Strength manufactures a wide assortment of models meant to work your legs. There are models engineered to help you hit one or several leg muscles simultaneously, including:

  • V-squats and leg press: For your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves
  • Deadlifts: For your hamstrings, lats, and shoulders (shrug)
  • Seated leg curls: For quadriceps and hamstrings
  • Dedicated developers: For glutes and hamstrings
What is iso-lateral plate loaded?

Iso-lateral plate loaded equipment are models with right- and left-side components that move independently to lift weight. This simulates the feel of free weights. There are several main advantages. First, you can load plates onto each side of the machine the way you do with a barbell. Second, each independently moving side ensures your weaker side works for itself and gets stronger. Third, iso-lateral models tend to mimic the freedom of free weights, letting you maximize a full range of motion and get a great pump.

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