Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach is a brand most commonly known for its small home appliances. The brand also makes some commercial kitchen appliances. It manufactures household items like air purifiers, steamers, and clothing irons.

What are some products made by Hamilton Beach?

The brand offers many different products, mostly kitchen-related. Some of the most well-known products from the brand are toasters, skillets and griddles, waffle irons, coffee makers, slow cookers, and food processors. They also offer specialized products like juicers, mixers, espresso machines, and ice shavers.

How are Hamilton Beach products powered?

Nearly all products are powered by electricity. They can be plugged into a standard household outlet.

Can you purchase replacement parts for these products?

There are several options when it comes to replacement parts for these products. You can buy replacement blades for blenders, mixers, and food processors. You can also purchase replacement parts for your coffee maker. If you break your blender jar, you can buy the replacement set that includes the jar, lid, and gasket.

What are some ways to use Hamilton Beach products?

These household appliances can be used to help with cooking and baking. These products can assist with every step of the cooking process, from cutting down prep work to cooking the meal for you while you're away for the day. The following are some ideas on ways to use these products:

  • Slow cookers and crock pots - come in many sizes for small or large families, can cook a wide variety of meals with minimal effort
  • Coffee makers - available in single-serve coffee maker or large carafe options, ensure you have access to your morning cup of coffee
  • Blenders - allow you to make soups, smoothies, and other blended foods with ease
  • Food processors - make prepping foods quick, some come with attachments for completing different types of prep work
  • Bread machine - takes all the guess work out of making bread, can have fresh bread ready in a matter of hours
Are these products suitable for small spaces?

Many products from the brand are compact and require little space in your kitchen. The following is some information on the smaller products that are available for use in small spaces. Most of these products have a small footprint so you can store them on your counter or put them away when not in use.

  • Personal coffee machine - ideal for small households, makes one cup of coffee at a time
  • Personal single-serve blender - makes shakes and smoothies, easily blends ice and frozen fruit for a quick breakfast or snack
  • Breakfast sandwich machine - simply add desired ingredients to have a quick breakfast sandwich in minutes
  • 8 cup food processor - takes up little space and can complete many prep jobs
  • Small slow cooker - allows you to make meals ahead to be ready for later in the day
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