Ham Rotor: Its Use, Must-Have Features and Other Things You Should Know

Hams know that a ham antenna rotor is necessary to clearly send and receive signal. Knowing how it works and understanding the features is a must if you want a ham rotor that fits the demands of your ham radio setup. With many ham rotors available on eBay, you have a range of new and used rotors to choose from.

How do ham rotors function?

An antenna rotor is responsible for changing the orientation of a directional antenna. Traditionally, these rotators have two parts ' the rotator unit and the controller. The former is connected to the antenna. It points the directional antenna to the position where it can receive the communication signals. The ham radio rotors controller is usually placed near the device where the antenna is attached. While the ham radio antenna rotors are common equipment for ham radio use, they are also used in television and FM radio antennas.

What are the parts of a ham radio rotor?

The Ham 4 rotor is the most common type of ham antenna rotor available on eBay. This rotor and every other rotor model will come with their own set of parts. It has a blade that is responsible for locking in the antenna rotor when it is at its desired orientation. To make movement possible and easy to operate, the controller is used to adjust the orientation of the directional antenna attached to the rotor.

Can you find inexpensive ham rotors and their accessories?

Yes, eBay contains a lot of listings of ham rotors and other essential parts and accessories. From tower plates to controllers, there are new and used listings that could fit your ham antenna rotor setup. Products featured on the site come with different features, in varying sizes, and in a wide price range. The following are some ham rotors, parts, and accessories commonly found:

  • CDE Rotor 8 Wire Controller - It features an eight-lug terminal board for the rotor cable connection, it uses 110 volts for power, and it is compatible with Ham 3, Ham 4, and the HYGAIN 45 Rotors.
  • Alliance/Channel master antenna tenna rotor control boxes - It features a light for easy operation at night or in low-light environments.
  • Tower rotor plate - This plate is made out of 12-gauge mill finish galvanized steel, making it rust resistant. It fits a 20/25 tower, and the dimensions of front pole center to rear pole center is 9 ┬╛. From center to center, the rear poles is 11 ┬╝.