Hallmark Ornaments (Pre-1980)

How to Select Pre-1980 Ornaments

Ornaments are special gifts that bring to mind the magic and warmth of times of celebration like Christmas. While there are appealing contemporary ornaments sold in stores today, pre-1980 ornaments offer a particular brand of charm. 

What are Some of the Types of Pre-1980 Christmas Baubles Available?

There is a great deal of variety among the types of pre-1980 Christmas ornaments sold by eBay vendors. Here are just some examples of the types of keepsake ornaments available:

  • Baubles: Baubles are one of the most popular Christmas decorating items. Examples of pre-1980 bauble types include: satin baubles, tree trimmer ornaments tailored to particular family members, and baubles featuring festive phrases. 
  • Popular Culture: Beloved characters from popular culture are also featured in the design of many festive collectibles. Ornaments available from eBay vendors reference characters including Snoopy, Raggedy Ann, and Winnie the Pooh.

Who Buys Old Ornaments?

Here are just some of the types of people who are commonly drawn to shopping for old holiday ornaments from eBay vendors:

  • Christmas Collectors: Collectors with a strong interest in Christmas keepsakes and collectibles are one of the biggest groups of people interested in old decorations. 
  • Home Decorators: Many people take pride in decorating their Christmas tree with a cohesive, magical theme. For this reason, vintage ornaments and baubles are attractive to people with an interest in holiday interior decorating.
  • Gift Givers: Another group of people who commonly buy old ornaments are gift givers looking for a unique and nostalgic gift. 

Can Old Holiday and Christmas Ornaments Be Financially Valuable?

It is possible for holiday and Christmas keepsakes to be worth a significant amount of money. Condition and rarity are important factors in an ornaments worth. Here are some tips to keep in mind (and items to look out for) if youre interested in building a collectors series of pre-1980 keepsake ornaments. 

  • 1970s Charm: Here are just a few examples of valuable vintage Hallmark keepsakes from the 1970s: "Down Hill Run" (1979) ornament, "Babys First Christmas" bauble (1976), and the "Tree Treat Santa" (1976) ornament. 
  • Consider Nostalgia: Many people interested in buying vintage Christmas toys and decor items feel a deep nostalgic connection to childhood Christmas experiences. So, in order to cater you collection to this nostalgia, its worthwhile to consider acquiring pieces from familiar brands like Hallmark. 
  • Storage Advice: Many families dont take a lot of care with storing Christmas decorations. But, if you want to build a financially valuable collection, how you store your pieces is important. Consider taking steps to prevent mold, dust, and potential color transfer from other decorations, staining the items. 

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