Hair Care and Styling Products

Hair comes in many different types and textures. With so many hair styling products available, it can be difficult to determine which to use for your particular hair type. It is important to be knowledgeable about your hair needs and concerns and choose products accordingly.

What types of hair products are available?

Hair products are created for different types of hair and different types of styling, so based on your type of hair and your needs, you can find the right product. Consider the following while you search:

  • Mousse: Can be used on any type of hair. This cream is great for straightening with a blow dry, defining curls, and adding volume to lifeless hair.
  • Wax: Can be used for all types of hair, meant for use on blunt or hair that is all the same length. This paste adds shine and texture to hair.
  • Gel: Used on wet hair, then blow dry or dry naturally. It helps to keep hair in place and adds thickness.
  • Serum: Reduces frizz, and leaves it smooth and silky. Also known as polish or gloss.
  • Hairspray: For use on all hair types. Used to hold a style in place.
Which products are for use on curly hair?

For curly hair, choose products that are sulfate free. Choose leave-in conditioners and products that are hydrating. Curly hair tends to be dry and often damaged, so choose repairing masks and argan oils. If using a blow dryer, choose a heat protector.

Which products are for use on straight hair?

For straight hair, choose volumizing shampoos and conditioners. Choose a lightweight primer or moisturizer. Use mousse on straight hair as it is light and adds volume. Avoid sticky and heavy products as these can weigh straight hair down and leave it looking dull.

Which should you use for hair loss?

Several products are available for hair loss. Choose growth promoters and building or thickening fibers. These products are available in the form of serums, conditioners, leave-in treatment, and oral supplements. The products are usually sulfate and alcohol-free.

What is the difference between dry and regular shampoo?

Regular, traditional shampoo is only used on wet hair. It removes any form of debris, whether it be hair products, dirt, oil, sweat, or any other environmental debris. It must be completely rinsed out of the hair. Dry shampoo removes oil and grease from the hair. It is meant for use in-between washing with the regular shampoo as it can help reduce the oily look without having to get hair wet and shampoo.