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Hair Loss Laser Therapy

Encourage Your Hair to Grow Back With Laser Therapy

If youve started to notice your hair thinning, consider using a laser hair-regrowth product to reverse the balding. You can use these devices at home several times a week as a noninvasive way of treating hair loss. eBay offers many new laser hair-regrowth devices as well as some used products.

Laser hair-regrowth combs and brushes

A laser hair regrowth comb or brush resembles a hairbrush and features laser diodes as the bristles. How long you need to use the product on your scalp depends on the brand. The NutraStim Professional Hair Growth Laser comb only needs to be used three times a week in eight-minute sessions. Some models are recommended to be used every day.

You can usually expect to see results within four to six months with laser hair regrowth combs. To use one of these devices, you run it over your scalp, holding it in place for around four seconds before sliding it down. Make sure to clean your scalp before use to unblock pores. Also, let your hair dry completely to avoid electric shock. Instructions on use may vary, so read them carefully or check the manufacturers site for details.

Laser hair-regrowth caps

Some other types of laser hair-regrowth devices you can buy are caps or helmets. Since these products cover your entire scalp, you can simply leave them on your head during treatment. iRestore is one system that offers a laser hair-regrowth cap you can use. It comes with a timer so that you can easily track treatment times. You could read or watch TV while wearing the cap, knowing that the timer will alert you when your treatment session is complete. Other options in regrowth caps include the IllumiFlow Hands-Free Laser Hair Regrowth System and the Capillus202 Mobile Laser Therapy Cap for Hair Regrowth.

How does hair-loss laser therapy work?

Laser therapy helps hair grow back and thicken by stimulating the hair follicles. Low-laser-light therapy was used for healing skin wounds before it started to be used for triggering hair regrowth. You can use it to treat scalp conditions as well. Hair-regrowth laser products are a noninvasive way to combat the beginning stages of hair loss. The laser treatment decreases scalp swelling thats caused by waste build-up, so nutrients can more easily enter the hair follicles. With more nutrients getting to the follicles, you hair can strengthen and grow.

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